Too many things…

…reminds me of you.


The sound of a Harley.

The taste of root beer.

Reminds me of you.


An aeroplane high up in the sky.

A helicopter flying low.

Reminds me of you.


Take five, Stardust.

A V8 roaring past.

Reminds me of you.


The clothes I wear.

The perfume I use.

Reminds me of you.


Will it ever end?

Should I allow it to?

All these memories.


Crowding my thoughts.

Spilling over in tears.

It’s been a long time.


Yet, I’m still reminded of you.


14 comments on “Too many things…

  1. Too, too sad, Ghia…
    It probably won’t ever end, however I’d like to think one day other memories will fill you with love… another love, not a replacement love…

    • It just crowded me last night Carol.
      I have no regrets, don’t want it (the memories) gone – but I miss him so!!
      Maybe, one day – one never knows…

  2. When something reminds us
    Of something very beautiful
    It gives a feel good factor
    It must be a beautiful reminder
    For us to keep the memories
    That was so beautiful
    Somethings can’t be replaced
    Have a happy weekend
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

    • It is the case chickpea.
      Once you’ve loved completely, even if that love goes away for whatever reason, you will ever have it in your heart. There’s absolutely nothing like it under the sun!!
      I might be sad sometimes, miss it sometimes, but for the most part it makes me smile 😉

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