The three C’s…

Control, Control, Control.

Daily prompt. More entries.

Missive : What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?

Well. As you might have noticed from my heading, I’m all about control.

Want to know where, when, who’s going to be there, how much money do I need, how long we’re staying, how far it is from home. Want to know at least a week in advance.

That way I can plan what to wear, and of course, my escape route. That usually takes some doing. People want me to drive with them, or sleep over and stuff like that. Takes a while to wear them down to letting me drive there on my own, and me sleeping in my own bed thank you very much! I have a house and a bed – like both very much, so I prefer to do my sleeping there. I can shave what needs to be shaved if I have been forewarned. Or even pack clean underwear if I think it might lead to something like that – either because I drank too much or because the date turned into that rare creature – a good one! Neither of which has actually happened so far, so I’ve not had to worry about it.

Suppose I do sometimes prepare for the unexpected, but, alas. That’s not something I really experience these days.

Every single thing I do, planned or no, no surprises, no excitement. Just the same shit, different day.

Which is why I prefer things neatly separated into their own little columns. A place (and a time) for everything and everything in it’s place (or time).

Likely a throwback from the life I’ve lead. Not that it’s worse than others, or better than others, it’s just a life, and I’ve tried to deal with everything as best I can. And controlling the things I can, makes the uncontrollable aspects somewhat better.

That being said though. I’ve been called a stress causer. Because really. If it does not impact directly onto my life, I don’t really care all that much. And I might be seen as being too relaxed about certain things. Of course, those are mostly done just to piss people off – I usually know just which buttons to push 😉 As long as I can stay outside the fight, I have a whale of a time watching people pull their hair out of their heads – nasty, I know.

Then again – I did not get divorced because I’m such a lovely person, now did I!




And this tune I heard on the radio this morning – thought it was kinda cool. Did make a difference to yet another dismal traffic experience 😉


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