Is it just me?

Or do some fetishes make you more uncomfortable than others?

This post took root because of what one of my randoms said this morning on whatsapp.

My profile pic is one of my feet in dancing shoes. My old shoes. Took the picture, tweaked it a bit, just to show the age of the shoes – for those that see it to imagine all the experience the shoes had.

foot 1

I get a message this morning – “Would love to kiss those foots” OK, not the best grammar in the world, but I think the dude’s Spanish or some such. And I did not appreciate the sentiment at all, regardless of the grammar used!!!


Is it because the man irks me? Or because his sentiment irked me?

I’ve been in a situation before where one of the ex’s buddies kept staring at my feet. Turned him on. And I was kind of mildly uncomfortably flattered.

foot 2

Which brought me to the heading.

Most men have a thing for boobs. Do I mind if they look at mine? Not really, but it always depend on who’s doing the looking. There really are some people I don’t ever want to see anything of mine!!

For every single person I suppose there’s something that attracts them in the opposite sex. Me, I like work roughened hands. Β Can’t stand pansy soft pasty hands. And good forearms. Am I going to go out with a guy just because he has hard hands and good forearms? Probably not. It will be a bonus, and Β that’s the kind of guy that will catch my eye first.

Presumably the same goes for everybody else.

Is feeling uncomfortable in a situation then a case of you either liking or not liking the person? Because, if it’s somebody I like, I don’t mind him staring at my feet, or doing to them whatever he likes. But if it’s a dude I don’t much like, knowing that he’s looking at my feet and rising to the occasion, so to speak, is not a comforting feeling.

There’s this saying about sexual harassment – Β it’s only sexual harassment if you don’t like the person doing it…

And that seems to be the deciding factor.

Regardless of a person’s little quirks. If you like them, you can handle it. If you don’t like them, even the smallest thing can upset the applecart.

foot in mouth

The Human Condition – such a convoluted thing!






21 comments on “Fetishes.

    • At home I’m also always in some kind of sandal. At work the same.
      Winter of course, a different story – then a girl gets to pull out all the stops πŸ˜‰
      Cool song that πŸ˜‰

  1. I don’t think anyone has ever got turned on by my large feet, nor my small breasts! Now what do I find attractive in men? — Intelligent eyes, floppy straight hair, sensuous mouths, and hairy arms. Whether any of those things have ever amounted to a fetish, I don’t know. I know I used to have a thing for my doctor’s hairy arms and broad hands, whenever he wore his short-sleeved white shirt with a tie.

    • That’s the thing with a fetish – it matters not the size – they find something else appealing. And it’s a very uncomfortable feeling!!
      As for the doctor – I hear you πŸ˜‰ Sometimes there’s just something that ignites the spark!!

  2. There was a guy in high school who had a foot fetish and everytime we were out of our uniform he’d stare at our feet, it was so weird cos he was so obvious about it and I never knew how to react so I totally get your point! i love that first pic lol

    • Damn!!! At least with boobs you can cover up or something πŸ˜‰
      It makes you feel kind of naked if somebody stares at your feet – I tucked my feet under me so he could not see them. Was a very strange experience indeed!!
      It was s cute pic – just love those cats!

  3. Before I retired, I met a fellow at work who went ga-ga over red shoes. Please, red shoes are my turn on. I don’t like when anyone steals my thunder. Ha ha.

    Indeed, we humans have many quirks.

    • I saw a pair of red shoes the other day – absolutely gorgeous. I did not buy them – have nothing to wear them with, but man, I can see how they can be a turn on πŸ˜‰

      The Human Condition – a terminal illness πŸ˜‰

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