The Inimitable Morpheus.

Nope. Not the god of sleep.

My quote.

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Missive : Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

“What happened, happened, and could not have happened any other way.” Morpheus in The Matrix.

Often I use this quote. Don’t know in which of the movies he actually speaks those lines, Morpheus had many memorable quotes in those movies, but this one has always rung true for me.

Of course, it’s only in hind sight that all becomes clear and you realise that yes. It has happened, and if it had happened any other way, things would not be as it is now.

Not always a good thing of course, because sometimes things suck, but even then, once you look back on it, you realise that it all formed part of a bigger picture.

I was thinking of The English tonight. Remember him? The Pom that scooted me because I was too right winged in my politics to suit his supposed liberal thinking? Well, I was thinking about him in the context of one of the mauls we went to have supper at once or twice. Think it was Hyde Park or some such. Very larney place. Rich folk go there, not poor working stiffs like me! And I was wondering how one makes the change from a working stiff, appreciating every bit of money you get, to somebody that can allow another person to cater to her every whim.

Not only that, but the fact that if you don’t hang out in such places, the people that do, tend to negate you out of hand. They seem to think that because you don’t move in exhalted circles and know famous people or drink wine and eat strange food, that you don’t know what’s potting.

And even in this my quote rings true. Because the English was a part of my life during the worst time. He broke it off before the bomb burst, but even then, he would not have been there for me. He would not have let me cry on his shoulder. And even if he did, I would in all likelihood have resented him for not helping me make a clear headed decision. Had he stayed a part of my life, I would have been reminded of the episode every time I saw his face.

So, in that case, what happened, happened, and could not have happened any other way. Not because I’m still alive, but because I clearly did not need such a reminder. And I clearly did not need such a man either.

And then I heard this song on Tuks FM – a student radio station that plays mostly off beat, and for the most part, very noisy tunes. Those songs by those very angry young men, and in this case, a very angry young woman. But I liked her voice, I liked the tune, and I liked the sentiments expressed therein.

Hope you can see why it kind of spoke to me – makes me realise I’m not the only woman having to deal with this stuff!!

And on that note, may your rest be blessed.

21 comments on “The Inimitable Morpheus.

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  2. It’s been a sunny day in Cornwall
    I drove to Sennen and put flowers on my dad’s grave
    From Sennen you can see Cape Cornwall
    Such a special place i hold close to my heart
    Have a wonderful tomorrow
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall


  3. I have some reservations on this one. What has happened has happened, true. However, unless everything is written and we might as well stop doing anything because it is going to happen whether we do it or not, there is still the constant matter of free choice to consider. We choose, and as a result a certain sequence of events follows. Had we chosen differently, another sequence occurs.
    Take our booking on a doomed flight, for example. Had we not cancelled it to get married instead, that would have been our little lot. And like changing our minds on a firm resolve not to have kids.

    • Free choice is always there Col. But I do think we are kind of moving on a pre-destined road in some sense. I’m one to talk, but even the bad experiences can have a positive effect on your life. But only after the decision has been made, free choice exercised, life lived.
      Something else I always say – what needs to happen, will. Not much you can do to change it. Just have to do what you think best that that particular time and space and hope that it all works out in the end.

  4. Do you think that’s air your breathing now?
    He’s beginning to believe.
    Neo: Are you saying I can dodge bullets? Morpheus: No, I’m saying, when you are ready, you won’t need to.
    Yep! Lots of great Morpheus quotes! Nicely done with your response.

    • I believe in my destiny. I believe in me I believe in the good
      I believe in the love I have and hold and could never give up
      Or be influenced by others
      My friendship is worthy and kind
      Judging people can be difficult the very meaning of our lives
      Is being strong and correct making a better world tomorrow
      Or even tonight?
      Best Wishes djmatticus
      Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

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    • Carrying a chip only makes you walk around lopsided, I agree. That’s not to say that some things won’t keep on bothering and affecting you until you’ve managed to work through it.
      Maybe I still have lots of things like that still to work through, and that’s why I’m still slightly lopsided, but I’m getting there… I think!!

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  7. Having not mastered the art of time travel yet, the present is, what the present is.
    Would I have changed anything? Well, some of awful things that have happened to me, I wouldn’t dream of changing, because my two children would never have been born, nor my two grandchildren, and I wouldn’t have my beautiful chocolate labrador as a canine companion.

    • Life is the sum of our experiences Sarah.
      Even the things I’d like to remove from my memory banks had their role in my existence – I just have to deal and move on.
      Which is why the quote works for me in so many ways 😉

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