…quite my best sleeping times!!

They’re having a meeting here today.

The whole day.

They’ve been at it since 10 am. Will break for lunch and then carry on until 16:00.


What are they discussing?

They’re not discussing anything. They’re listening to one man talk.

If I was there, I would have been snoring after the first few minutes. Everything he’s saying he could have put on a sheet and sent it to them.


That’s just me though.

Some people seems to think that meetings just have to be held. As often as possible, for as long as possible.

And I’ve been in enough of them to know that mostly they don’t really have any favourable outcomes. It’s just talking about the same thing all the time, every time they meet, with nothing ever being resolved.

One thing that could very well be a huge hamper to me should I want to move up on the corporate ladder – falling asleep in meetings is not a cool thing to do!!!

I say then, don’t have meetings. Or have your meetings and give me the minutes to read.

You want to talk about it, fine. I’d rather do than talk anytime πŸ˜‰

Poor folk – they’ve just been let out of the coop for a loo break…

Long live the drone – we don’t have to sit in all day meetings, listening to pompous buffoons talk incessantly!




And this one just because it was funny πŸ˜‰






14 comments on “Meetings…

    • Luckily I’ve never really started H – would be a useless endeavour for me to start attending meetings – unless I chair them πŸ˜‰

  1. Oh, YES! I remember meetings. I agree. Some ONE person starts asking questions about what just transpired and then someone else pipes up. You get back on track again and on and on. I say call a meeting. Make it 15 minutes. Present. Go back to your desk and write up ideas and questions for the next meeting which will be 15 minutes.

    Or, I can just say I don’t care about meetings anymore instead of beating about the bush. Good one, Ghia. So, so TRUE.

    • Still. Meetings are held every day. Important people, shuffling around with their laptops and tablets, looking as if they actually knew what’s potting….
      I can live my life quite happily without ever sitting in another meeting!!

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