Time has come…

Well, well…

The dreaded day has finally dawned.

Not so much worried about the toothache and dentist as I am about the visit to the licensing department. Have no idea what to expect there, and I’m going to have to put six huge bodyguards in front of my teeth – keep my mouth shut and take the abuse I might get from all and sundry.

Maybe they’ll surprise me and it will go without a hitch.

Of course it’s a dull and dreary, sunless day here on the Highveld. A day for umbrella’s and a jacket with jeans and thick shoes. Don’t want to get cold while we’re standing in the line waiting our turn! Of course, this does not stop the birds from twittering happily in the trees – quite enough to make one moody!!

Got my WP app updated on my gorgeous phone, as well as the gun app I downloaded a while ago on the strength of this video…

OK. Post done. Might do updates later. Maybe even a photo or six – depending on how it goes.

This morning – The South African licensing department. This afternoon, the dentist for four fillings. Tomorrow…

The World!!!

Have a good day peeps!!



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