I’m feeling VERY sorry for myself.

I still have a toothache. Not quite screaming in pain, but it’s always there. And tomorrow is the dentist appointment. If the infection’s not gone by then, I’ll have to wait until it is before they can fix anything. More money spent. FML.

That’s why i did not feel like posting today. All I could think of to write about would have been more snide than usual, much less upbeat, and would in all probability have pissed off many people – so I refrained from speaking too much.

The personal random sends me a mail today – funny how you have just ignored me. Now what on earth does one say to that?Really dude. I’m even less in the mood for this kind of crap than I usually am!! Handle your shit – I have to.

Did get my Avon order today – I’m smelling as sweet as a blossom now. Maybe it will help to sweeten my disposition. Because I have to draw money tonight so that I have enough for tomorrow’s inevitable scene. At the licensing department that is.

Wish me luck!!!

Heard this tune on the radio this morning…

Cool tune, not so?

But this one’s melody works for my current mood…

Was listening to it on Saturday while having breakfast at the Wimpy. And then I got a cal from the ex saying he’s in the area. So he joined me there. And I sat looking at this man that used to share a life with. This man that I lay with, fought with, laughed with. And now he’s a stranger to me. I recognise the face. But I don’t know him. He does not know me. And all I really want is that one day I’ll not have to eat breakfast alone anymore. Not to have to deal with other women’s unhappy men. Not to be made the scapegoat for other people’s inadequacies.

Pipe dream, I know. But it’s my dream and I refuse to let go of it.

Long days and pleasant nights to all.


21 comments on “Boo-friggedy-hoo.

  1. “Wish me luck!!!” – I do…. πŸ˜‰
    Nothing worse than a toothache…. Ouch…
    I know what you mean about “But I don’t know him. He does not know me.”
    My ex and I are like that. I haven’t seen him for a number of years now but when I did see him I was surprised that he had meant anything to me – ever…
    When the love’s gone; it’s gone…

  2. Good luck at the dentist, and just be glad that the only dental treatment available is not as a last resort with the local barber pulling your teeth, as in the old days πŸ˜‰ I believe they used to tie some string around the offending tooth and shut a door on the string. Or is that some old wives’ tale I heard years ago at school, along with the following cringeworthy joke (if you can call it a joke)…

    Question: What’s the definition of pain?
    Answer: A mouse sliding down a razor blade on its balls.

    • Now THAT is pain!!!! Poor thing!
      As for the barber – yes, I suppose I have things to be thankful for in this regard πŸ˜‰
      The string thing works on baby teeth – when they;re just about loose in any case – it’s been done to me when I was small πŸ™‚

  3. Hope tomorrowbrings the end of your toothache.
    I see my Ex occasionally at family functions (because of the grandkids). We are strangers too and I can’t figure out what had me so hot and bothered years ago…

    • It’s a sad thing Tess. Not the way things are supposed to be really, but hey – we managed to move on a face the world regardless…
      Hope the same about the toothache – don’t know for how long I can still handle it without going completely nuts!!

  4. I am so sorry re the tooth – that was my life for about a year – root canals, wisdom teeth that, once removed, became dry sockets…. here’s the thing about dry sockets – the infection is caused by the cotton ball inserted in the socket after surgery…. Surgery on Friday; I went through 72 hours of pain because we didn’t call the dentist – they compare the pain to giving birth. Monday a.m., the dentist removed the cotton and the pain was gone in one second. That was the day I swore I would never be stoic again – and, I am pleased to say I’ve been the squeaky, demanding wheel ever since. Now is the time to roar, J! Ok, so driver’s lic was today (Tuesday) and dentist Wed? Man, it sucks to be you this week! Here’s hoping you feel better, chica!

  5. Hmmmm . . . . don’t know what to say. My dreams are part of my life, whether it comes true or not, I don’t really care. It’s nice to have dreams, and I don’t seem to have a point in mind, and I’m not gonna patronize you with something you just already know, but hold on to dreams. Sometimes they are the doorways that leads away from insanity πŸ˜‰

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