What women want…

Difficult statement. One I’m ill-equipped to answer really. Even if I am a woman. Since, what womEn want is not necessarily what THIS womAn wants.

But I’ve been hearing this ad on the radio for a show on Saturdays – What women want.

The ad runs to the lines of a dude, sounding like Johnny Bravo, with rock hard ans, living on a secluded island, clean-shaven, holding tickets to some or other “thing” the woman wanted to see. As opposed to the boyfriend that’s parking off on the couch, play station controller in the one hand and beer in the other, bristling whiskers, matted fur, beer belly…

Got me to thinking. What do I really want?

Sure, rock hard abs and those little pointer thingy’s to the side and down the rock hard abs are nice to look at. Won’t know if it’s nice to touch – never got that chance. Clean shaven? Not so much – not many things I like more in my neck than a week’s growth of beard. Deserted island? Only if I’m the owner and you the visitor. That thing I wanted to see? Dude, if I really wanted to go and see anything, I’m more than capable of getting my own tickets – I’ll just tell you to be there, and what you should wear.

So. What do I want then? And does what I want bear any resemblance to what other women want?

And then I realise. For every individual, there’s a corresponding individual.

I like a petrol head. Most women don’t even know the term.

I like a man that reads. Other women might not.

I like to be acknowledged. Suppose most people want that.

Don’t do overbearing – the minute you start ordering me around, we are likely to pick up at least a few scraps. But some women want the sense of security that gives them.

Honesty. Never lie to me. About anything. I tend to take you at your word and will act accordingly – so be frank in your ideas and ideals and wants and needs – I’m sure as hell not going to nag you. But some women prefer the lies to the truth.

As with everything – each individual wants what they want.

Regardless of what sex they are.

The trick is to find the one individual that you find a rapport with. The individual that makes you feel comfortable about yourself. The individual that does not make you feel inadequate. The one that, if not shares, at least acknowledges, your point of view. No matter how hard (or soft)his abs are or how furry (or smooth) his cheeks/ her legs.

This was posted by my son last night on FB…


Jack Skellington


Maybe, one day, we’ll all get that one person. The one that will give us their heart, and the one we can give our heart to in turn. Without fear…



23 comments on “What women want…

    • Which is why my list mostly contains things I don’t want.
      You are of course right H. Therefore I always give anybody the benefit of the doubt – one day the stars will align and all will be well 😉

  1. “The trick is to find the one individual that you find a rapport with. The individual that makes you feel comfortable about yourself. The individual that does not make you feel inadequate. The one that, if not shares, at least acknowledges, your point of view. No matter how hard (or soft)his abs are or how furry (or smooth) his cheeks/ her legs.”

    You’ve nailed Ghia – some of us are blessed to have found this rare state of Utopia, for those that haven’t they must keep dreaming to achieve and settle for nothing less.

    I firmly believe for every pot there is a lid, it may not necessarily be the lid you thought it was and the revelation of finding that lid can come in a most unexpected way …

    I truly hope that Miss Universe deems fit to present you with your lid in the near future!

    • She might at that PC 😉
      I will just check things out from afar – maybe one day I’ll dip my toes into that world again.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment – long time no see!!

    • He does have a finely tuned sense of the macabre – but I also happen to love Jack Skellington – such an unlikely hero, but one that does it the right way 😉

  2. God, the last few lines only made me depressed. Another of the things I’m suppressing, the soul mate. I think I’m scared shitless, but in the end, who knows fear? Ultimately, who knows where and with who you might end up? After finding something worth even writing about, is enough to break apart the stereotype, if you know what I mean . . . . Want you to watch a movie. Cried my eyes out. One Day – starring Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway . . . Was really beautiful! xxx Have a nice day, amare 😉

    • I shall go and look for it young man.
      As for being scared – we all are. It’s human. But I think, once you have found the person that works for you am many levels, your heart knows this and you will be at peace…
      Hope your day is good too, mon ami 😉

    • Sometimes that’s good Esperanza.
      Me, I have all the peace and harmony I can use – I want passion. Flames consuming. Raging hormones. Want it to be a constant craving 😉

  3. On the umpteenth time of having my husband find something more important for me to do than my writing, I asked him if he’d like me to find something more important for him to do than his music. After which, I reminded him that he married me knowing that I loved being a writer, so why was he trying to change me into someone else.

    My daughter has had one tempestuous relationship after another, but now, aged 31, she finally seems to be settling down with a man who’s her complete opposite. Previously, the more similar men were to her in personality, the worse she clashed with them.

    • Can’t call my relationships tempestuous – have to have a relationship before that can happen!!!
      It was just this ad that got me thinking – I’ve made peace with my singleton status for now – don’t need much more than I currently have 😉
      As for the hub situation, I suppose they try to do that every so often, but if they’re the one that listens to you they won’t try too hard 😉

  4. I wanted my Ex too much, I think. Maybe we shouldn’t want anything in life at the risk of everything else. My mistake, but now I enjoy being single.

    You bring out fabulous points here. One day…

    • In the time we were together, my ex and myself had a very volatile relationship. It ended, and the aftermath was devastating.
      For now, he’s just somebody I know. A stranger really, and I’ve had not had one of those overwhelming relationships again.
      I think I am comfortable with not having a man around all the time – saves me lots of money and aggravation!!

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