it has been decided.


Tonight, I’ll be going out for supper.

Just me, myself and I. My gorgeous phone charged, earphones in the bag, smokes in pocket. Since I’ll be on my own, again, and I don’t quite feel like sitting at home again on a Saturday night, Elenore Moore and the Bandstand notwithstanding, I’d like to experience humanity only on a peripheral level tonight. Which means no real interaction, but still a surrounding of the masses.

And I deserve to be rewarded for carting around rugrats this morning, hugging a bunch of old people and helping them pack up their pancake paraphernalia. I did get two jaffels out of the deal. Let me tell you about jaffles, if you don’t already know of them. It’s been a longstanding tradition at all South African, Afrikaans church fete’s. Two slices of bread, with a filling of delicious savoury mince, in a pan specially designed for it, toasted over a gas flame. Suppose it’s a staple of church fete’s all over the world. Quick, easy, and very tasty. Fills you up like nobody’s business. But I still feel the need for proper sustenance, and, of course, the sideways glances I get for sitting on my own in a family restaurant 😉 Might even go so far as to drink a sherry to myself!

Did get a whole box full of alcohol yesterday from work, but it’s no fun drinking on your own, so I’ll wait until I have some kind of company before I crack a bottle of anything! Was talking yesterday – they have vintage port that you can buy for more money than I care to spend on alcohol. To my way of thinking, by the time I open my bottles, they’ll be vintage in any case 😉 I only got stuff I enjoy drinking, and it’s always nice to have things in your drinks cabinet for that one day when you have unexpected people, or the ones you expect gets in the mood for something stronger than the coffee I usually offer!

And of course, the one kid had a huge fight with his partner last night. Guess what I was doing this morning until 2:30 am? Yes. I was playing the consoling mother, with an ear open to any and all possible reasons for the fight. Seeing the reasons behind it, and trying to help make a course of action clear. Another reason for the reward of a supper out. It’s not easy to be rational at that time of the morning, not losing your temper, being clear and concise. Poor kid. I wish I knew how to really help him, but some things you just have to muddle through yourself. And dealing with other people’s as well as your own insecurities is difficult fo a woman of my age – can’t imagine how difficult it must be for the young things out there!

Hope you enjoy the joke, and the tune – have a good Saturday!!


I met an older woman at a bar last night.

She wasn’t bad for 57, we drank and bullsh*tted a bit, then she asked if
I ‘d ever had a mother and daughter threesome?

I said no.

We drank a bit more, then she says that tonight was my lucky night.

I went back to her place.

She put the hall light on and shouted upstairs:

“Mom you still awake?”



20 comments on “it has been decided.

    • It was quite good thanks H 😉
      Saw a bit of the rugby, but it was the sharks and the Stormers – not teams I have any vested interest in, but I did see that the Sharks won – sorry!!!

  1. I love jaffles! There’s a shop at UJ called Jaffle Joy and I’d go there at least once a week to get my “fix” 😉
    Enjoy your night out!

    • Luckily I don’t have to travel all the way to UJ to get a jaffle fix – mom’s church makes it every Saturday 😉
      Supper was great!!

    • They should!!
      Kind of like when Carrie had a kitchen tea because she was getting married to herself in sex & the City 😉
      and the evening was quite enjoyable – earphones and a book has always been the best company!!

    • I’m sure that was not AT ALL what the dude expected 😉
      Thanks for the award – I’ve managed to put it up on my side bar – quite happy about that actually – makes me feel as if I’ve accomplished something!!

    • Supper was indeed quite super Col 😉
      Even had an Irish coffee!! Might pay for it tomorrow, but for now, I’m still basking in the feeling of well being caused by a great, if solitary, supper 🙂
      Carting the rug rats around might have been, but the jaffles mostly made up for it!

  2. Jaffels sound yum, and no I hadn’t heard of them before now…

    I’m going to have a greater understanding for the single women I come across in restaurants from this day forward. Heavens knows, I may be one of them one day if I outlive my man… A sad, and yet a realistic thought…

    What a good mum you are.. No amount of talk will change things, except he’ll love YOU more… 😉

    • You mean to tell me in all the South African communities in Aus, you’ve never come across a jaffle? Think you need to start looking out for that – there’s more than enough of us there 😉
      As for being single and in a restaurant – I’m quite used to it. That’s why I have my earphones though – keeps my aura untouchable!
      As for the mum thing – thanks Carol, but I’m sure we all do it. It’s our job, Once it was cleaning shitty nappies, now it’s cleaning up shitty relationships! Think I prefer the nappies – at least those have a very real cause, effect and solution!

      • Jaffles – I know, Ghia, I’m definitely deprived…! Though after looking at the image (I didn’t before) I am remembering my mother had a jaffle maker. It wasn’t used much; it spent most of its life stored in a cupboard. And yes, I’ve seen similar contraptions in stores these days. I am remembering burning my mouth with the ‘hot’ filling as a child. They are probably still popular here in Oz; though I haven’t come across any in my travels….!
        Yes, Ghia; it’s our job, as you say. The daughter will always be a daughter no matter her age, no matter her station in life, she is my love and my joy. When she is in need it is me she calls; thank goodness..! It’s good to know they love and need us… 😉

      • I would just sometimes prefer getting a call when there is NOT a crisis of some kind 😉
        Burning your mouth on a hot jaffle is a very real thing, but it is still a yummy meal 😉

  3. I was talking about dining alone with some friends the other day and I just don’t have the confidence to do that. but I do realise that it’s something I need to do, if I’m not comfortable with being alone then I have alot of work ahead of me! so it’s on my to-do list

    • IT’s always better having supper with people than without them.
      In my case though, I usually don’t have people to have supper with, and sometimes I really just HAVE to get out of the house.
      That’s why I always have my earphones and a book with me.
      Then you can never really be alone 😉

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