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Missive :  A service has been invented through which you can send messages to people in the future. To whom would you send something, and what would you write?

Thinking about this time thing. Fraught with danger and infinite possibilities. If I can send messages to them, can they send messages back to me? If they can it would make the effort worthwhile. If not, not going to be much good.

What the use of getting a message from the past? You need a message from the future – to make you change your life both now and then. That would make more sense than just a letter fro the past telling you, “Sorry i screwed up everything, hope you made out OK – I still have to get there. Love, Past me”

Going on the premise that they will be able to send a message back, I’ll send a letter to my future sister.I will ask here which of the following two scenario’s she picked. And to let me know how it turned out for her in the future so I can advise current sister of the road she must take in order to change her future for the better.

I would ask future sister – Did you get divorced? Or did you not?

One of those decisions will be difficult on so many levels. Getting used to a smaller house, less disposable income, more worries, less toys for the kids, fewer new cars. A constant battle to keep the wolf from the door. But she will have peace of mind. She will be able to raise two young men she can be proud to call her own. She will be able to spend more time playing with and appreciating them and less time placating and negating the damage done by their father.

The other one will have just the opposite effect. More disposable income. Same amount of new cars. Less financial worries. Same big house. Same perks. But she will continue losing herself. She will continue being jealous. She will become a bitter person. She will try and raise her sons the best she can, but negative influences has ever been stronger than positive ones. She is currently and will continue to, fight a losing battle. Already I can see the kind of kids she’s raising. Already I can see the cracks appearing on the surface. It’s only a matter of time before something explodes.

And I don’t know how much will be left over to piece back together again.

On the strength of the answer I get from future sister, I will then, again, tell current sister – “This is what you have to do Sis. It will be hard, but you will not be fighting a losing battle. You will win, and you will get yourself back, and you can start to demolish the negativity instilled in both you and your kids.”

Just take the leap.

She never listens to me. What do I know about healthy relationships! Nothing much. But I know an unhealthy one when I see it. From the outside, looking in, I can see what’s happening. I hear it in your words. See it in your actions. I know.

Be it on your head one day.


And because this young man gave me the idea, and I just love this tune…

13 comments on “A future previewed.

  1. This is a hard one as I wouldn’t want to know the future. I like flying by the seat of my pants.

    I like how you looked at this subject backwards and forwards. Great post. Happy weekend.

    • I don’t want to know the future – find it hard to plan forward to next week, let alone the rest of my life!! Things are way too changeable 😉
      Thanks Tess – what I’m saying is not making any difference. Maybe future sister can shed some light on the matter and help her make the right decision for both her and the kids. I feel so sorry for all of them!

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  4. That would be one strange thing… I’m sitting in front of my computer/smart phone, whatever; it alerts me to an incoming message; I take a look, and there’s a message from my long lost love. What do I do? Do I immediately follow through and try to find him? Perhaps he is now dead? Perhaps he’s happily married? Perhaps he’s turned??? Oh, the possibilities make my head spin…!

    Your sis – You sure summed that situation very well… Lose yourself, or lose the lifestyle…!
    It sure is hard to sit by and watch a train wreck; but then, people gotta do what people gotta do..!

    • I have to wonder what i myself would do if I got a message from my long lost love. Suppose that will depend on what the message says ;-). If he tells me he’s gotten divorced, I will be on the next plane out, otherwise it will just be a memory awakened…
      As for my sis. I look at this situation, and I can see how it will pan out – it’s my curse. And nobody ever listens to me. It breaks my heart, but you’re right. She has to walk the road, same as I did.

  5. I definitely don’t want to know what the future holds, for anyone, for that matter. Yet, the concept of time-messaging or time-traveling is something I love to explore. . . Space time continuum, layers of dimensions with time as the fourth . . .it’s impossible, clearly, but there are so many ideas around that . . . Dean Koontz – Lightning, I would think you read that book??? 😉 love

    • I could do time travel. But I’ll go back to the past – the era I was supposed to live in 😉
      Have no interest in the future. However, this thing with my sister, if i could get a second opinion from her future self – might hold more punch than just me saying everything.

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