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Missive : “And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

Is it a man? this neck


Is it a job?jobs


Is it a Karmann Ghia? karmann ghia
Neither. Maybe all.

What will it take for me to live happily ever after? I’m not supposing I’ll be living the happily ever after you read about in romance novels. Think I’m a tad long in the tooth to trust a rake. Not a virgin to be gently exposed to the wonders of love-making. Know what works for me – might just down the poor guy with my instructions. Already have a house – don’t need the Duke of Hertfordshire’s mansion – I mean, what with the cost of labour so horrendously expensive these days, who’s going to clean it? And what will the Grand Dowager think of this usurper trying to steal her grand son from the fold?

Probably not.

I might have to settle for a cool job and a cooler car.

Think I can be quite happy with my zippy red little number, iPad in the bag, tunes on the wireless and a job decent enough to pay for it all. It is, after all, the simple pleasures in life that really makes it worth living, not so?

Then again, if there’s a man out there with enough balls to handle me, all my endless crap and all my tins, I’ll not say no 😉

Oh, and before I forget. It will definitely make me happy if we got rid of the current government and if my two boys are also able to be happy with their lives.

I think that should just about do it.

Or should I go all metaphysical and choose to be content with myself, serene in the knowledge that I am unique and loved – well, I know all this, and I am already, mostly, content with myself. Time for some tangible evidence of success methinks!

Long days and pleasant nights to all. And do enjoy the tune…



30 comments on “Happily ever after…

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    • I’m presuming party balls Sir 😉
      I have no use for golf balls really – can’t play the game, don’t know the rules, have never been one for walking.
      But, if I have to share him with the constant golf playing, I suppose I could handle it – if there’s enough time left for me too!!

      • Yes well.
        After one of those party balls, I’ll be walking around on my ears 😉
        As for a smart dude making time for me – so far it has not happened, so I’m not holding out much hope of that ever happening. I have to say, the men I know that plays golf, be it bad or good, tend to get completely absorbed in the game – everything else falls by the wayside. And I have no idea why that is so. Do you?

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    • Maybe community government might work better than a big one like that.
      But then you will always have communities that can’t govern worth shit getting jealous of the ones that can and all hell will in any case break loose.
      The African way I’m afraid.
      Maybe I must just move to a place where they can’t see me and I can’t see them…

  4. My happy ever after would be to become a recognized writer, someday in the future. I don’t need anyone or someone to make it last even if I haven’t got a hand in there somewhere. Happiness lasts when you want it to.

    • Happiness HAPPENS when you allow it to 😉
      Even if you never reach a set goal or that dream, you can still be happy with what you do have I suppose 😉

      • Well, yes, exactly . . . Being the recognized writer is, like you said, only the set goal, and reaching it would make me more happy, and layer it, but not actually put it there from then on . . .

      • Presies.
        You can reach your set goal and still be unhappy if you don’t allow it.
        That’s why I mentioned the little things in life – I think those are the things that consistently makes you happy.

      • Then again, people don’t always see it, for too little is hard to spot . . . They should sit down and reflect, and really stop to see what they have . . . ‘air and a blank sheet of paper . . .’

  5. “Happy ever after” — me thinks of the film “Stardust” http://www.imdb.co.uk/title/tt0486655/ for a wondrous disappearance into an alternative reality.
    In real life, to chase “happy ever after” is to tempt all the shit in the universe into landing on your doorstep. But to want it for your children is what being a mother is all about.
    As for governments, I lay wide awake in bed this morning at 3 a.m. in a really bad mood with the wagon load of monkeys in power just now. They sit there –fat cats in their ivory towers — crapping on a whole generation of young people. How is anyone in their 20s going to get on the job or property ladder, when those in their 60s are being told to work longer? (Come to think of it, I may write a ranting post on the subject!)

    • Do the ranting post Sarah – might not do much for the idiots in government, but it should make you feel a tad better 😉
      As for the movie – absolutely love it 😉 Mr De Niro has ever been one of my must watch actors – no matter what the role 😉

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