That would describe the day perfectly.

The sunshine is magnificent. The weather just gorgeous. Still a lacklustre day.

So, I waited for the Prompt, thinking it would give me some kind of inspiration, and now I have to blog about the year the first coin I find was minted in. Yeah right. I decided to do the prompt, because the only other thing left to talk about would be the Oscar Pistorius thing, and I’m afraid my views in that regard is not quite as sympathetic as most people’s have been lately. and I decided to pick the oldest coin I came across, not the first one.

Herewith my addition to today’s Prompt.

Money in south Africa is seemingly as changeable as the weather. Because we have no other socio-economic problems to be dealt with, we can afford to splurge on new coins and new notes every so often. We don’t have people without housing, or without running water, or without jobs. We don’t have discrimination of any kind. No AIDS pandemic to pay attention to, no kids of 12 breeding and having sex.

Here’s the missive from the Daily prompt – Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

And here are more entries.

I went digging and found a R2 coin that was minted in 1989.

With a Kudu imprinted on it and the old South African coat of arms.

Engraving of the old south African Coat of Arms.

coat of arms













coat of arms 2

The Old South African Coat of Arms in colour.








the new South African Coat of Arms. Not one I’m very impressed with, but hey – can’t fart against a thunderstorm, now can you.




new coat of arms
















The Kudu in various guises. A most imposing animal. Enormous. And has quite the tastiest biltong.

kudu 2



kudu 3


kudu 1


What was I doing in 1989? I was busy being 20, going on 21. Busy being pregnant with my first child. Busy getting used to having a husband that had to be kept happy. Moving house a few times, never settling in one place.

In 1989, South Africa was still as I knew it. As I was used to it. The thought of all the shit we have to deal with now did not even cross my mind.

I was young. Probably stupid to boot. Relatively exited about the new baby. Can’t remember what I thought of the new husband I had. Said husband did not really want the hassle of a new wife and a new baby on the way – wanted to still live the single life. Don’t suppose he really stopped doing that in all the time we were married.

Thinking back to 1989, I suppose I was happy enough. Worked in a diamond cutting factory, doing wages. Was a cool place to work in, having to count untold riches on a daily basis, getting to know the different facets of diamonds. Did you know that each cutter only cuts a certain facet? Well, that was the case in those days – don’t know how it happens these days. They had a tool that, when you put the diamond in the clasps, would keep it at a certain angle on the cutting stone. And after each facet was cut, it would be put back in the little packet and folded up to go to the next facet. Little sparkly things in little ignominious white paper packets. As I said – untold riches held in my hand on a daily basis. Worst thing about working there was the fact that the diamond dust would clog up your nasal passages with black dust, making blowing your nose at night a very interesting experience ;-). And, I was pregnant. with morning sickness to boot. So, every morning, after my first cup of tea, I would make my way to the bathrooms immediately – it was regular as clockwork. I took the bus to work. Worked in the bottom part of Johannesburg – think it was at the end of Main or Pritchard streets. Can’t remember quite which one.

Looking at this coin, and thinking about how old it really is has got me thinking. What has this humble little coin seen since it’s inception? If it could talk what would it tell me about all the places it’s been in for the past 24 years? Did it maybe spend time in a drug dealer’s pocket? Fell on the floor at a gaming establishment? Been used by a young lad to play Pacman or Space invaders? Or maybe it was the coin used in a brilliantly played game of pool in a pool hall down the road, bringing the young man that used it his 5 minutes of glory? Maybe it was one of the coins used to buy a baby much needed milk, or a hormonal woman’s best defense against the world – chocolate?

So many things it must have experienced in the past 24 years.

My life in the past 24 years? got married. Divorced. Bought a house, 2 cars. Lost a few jobs, a few randoms. Met the love of my life, lost him. started blogging. Kind of found a calling I think. Learned how to ballroom. Found a talent there I think. My gorgeous iPhone was invented. Laptop computers, internet, e mail.

So many changes, and this little coin saw it all happen. What I would not give to hear it’s stories!

And this tune just because it had the word “coin” in it 😉


39 comments on “Lacklustre.

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  3. Actually, novels are accounts of people’s lives, usually toned down a bit lest they be thought too far fetched!
    ’89 was a different world indeed. And that old world is increasingly emerging as having been a better one. Our progress all seems to be sham. All that has happened is that a paradise has been created for the undeserving but unscrupulous.

    • ’89 was a different world Col. I think many people will start to agree that it was a better world. I was thinking about it this morning – could not get hold of my local police station a while back. Got to thinking about cable theft and how it just did NOT HAPPEN back then.
      Now, it’s the name of the game. Makes me so sad sometimes.

  4. Good post, J! I got 2006, put it to the side for later, the cat shot it off somewhere, came to read your blog, had a great thought and paused to note it for a draft post and discovered by dashboard has changed to something called global display – i am NOT happy and can’t find a happiness engineer – urgh – okay. Venting. I like how you handled this topic. Well done. P

    • Venting’s good 😉
      At least you got it sorted!
      That cat of yours – think he’s going to be the cause for quite a few grey hairs before he gets too much older!!
      Thanks for the liking – I miss those days, even if it means I will have to deal with a screaming rugrat again, I’ll take them back any time compared to what we have these days!!

    • It’s only when you think back that you realise just what has actually happened Tess!
      Change is inevitable – not much you can do about that at all…

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