No, not the Prompt – might do that later. Or not. Would depend entirely on mood as the evening progresses.


The Kid got us DVD’s. Asks me what he should get. my answer – Kick, shoot and kill. And if Jason Statham is anywhere in the equation, so much the better.

He got us Expendables II.

Absolutely loved it! yes, I realise I’m seriously behind the times – suppose everybody has already seen it like years ago. all I can say in my defense, I don’t get out much 😉

Still. enjoyed the movie. All the gore. The usual plot. Actually enjoyed every single hit planted on the bad guys. Loved watching Mr Statham flow like water. Such fluidity, such poetry in motion. OK, OK, I know. Wolverine is still my best man, but Jase works for me in many other ways 😉

The banter between the characters were unusual – they’re usually way too serious.

Stallone is looking better than ever. Willis – just the same. Even old Arnie was able to joke around with himself a bit.

I think they got the mix just right.

It’s a fluff movie. You know what’s going to happen. All that might be different is the spots in which they get to shoot a myriad of random people. What plans they come up with to rescue the poor villagers from their fate. Enjoyed hearing the 50 cal sounds – brought back memories.

Of course, Chuck Norris deserves a special mention – in his own words. He was bitten by a King Cobra. And after five days of excruciating pain, the cobra died 😉 Gotta love ’em!

All in all, I enjoyed the movie. Even though van Damme turned out to be seriously bad dude and got what he deserved, and then some, I got up from my seat feeling quite a bit better about life in general.

So, if you’re like me, and don’t get out much, do watch this movie – I can certainly recommend it as an evening of fun and jokes, where the bad guy gets his come-uppance, and the good guys mostly win.

And this was the song playing during the end credits…



20 comments on “Review…

    • I’ve never been one to go to sleep with the chickens and wake up with the birds 😉
      a beautiful sunrise is mostly wasted on me – I’m usually still asleep!!

    • Not necessary at all Shakti, but it will be worth it to get both – brilliant movies both of them 😉
      Glad I got you curious 🙂
      Thanks for the visit and the comment!

  1. I haven’t seen it, and I also in the mood for some skiet, skop en donner! So I might pursuade the fam to rent this! I hope you will have a great week!

    • Neither do I Tess – if it was not for the kid getting DVD’s every so often, I won’t have any idea what’s potting 😉
      I can really recommend these movies though – liked them both immensely!

  2. Loved that you loved the movie, even though I haven’t even seen it, and not planning on, either . . . 😉 Have you seen the preview of yet another Die Hard film?? I mean, when do these people stop? Then again, I loved Die Hard . . . have to speak to myself on this one. . .

    • You know what? I’d much rather watch yet another Stallone or Die hard movie than any of the Twilight movies.
      Really. Have much more fun perving over Jason Statham than glittering vamps!!
      And you can really watch those movies – it’s good fun 😉

      • Willis and Statham, two of my favs, yes!! I have to disagree, glittering (I don’t know what kind of mind she was in) bodies could have been a little over-dramatic, but Twilight gave me something more than just teen romance . . . gave me something long past dead!!

  3. I’m a hopeless romantic, and still believe in all old ways when courting a woman, or man, if you know what I mean. Forgetting about the movie, the way Stephanie Meyer depicted Edward as the true gentleman in the book, blew me away. You don’t get gentlemen these days . . . opening doors, NOT afraid to speak their mind when in love and need to talk about it, and not afraid to risk their lives for someone they seem lost and broken and dead without. And then, the idea of someone waiting two hundred years for someone as mainstream as Bella. . . . I don’t see that no more, not ever. Straight or gay. So you see why fantasy still takes me places now lost. . . It’s not about a crappy yet brilliant story or glittery bodies or humans falling in love with vampires, but the picture described when two people interact on a level far below what today’s society expects . . . xx

    • True words, I admit. Meeting a gentleman, a real man – not something that happens often.
      As I said, the books were cool. The movies sort of distracted from the essence of it.
      And why do you think my heroes include Sam Jack and Wolverine and Jason Statham? Real men, with actual manners…

      • Yes. See, I am not interested in women, but to see women happy with real men, like you said, is something still inside the ‘man-gene’ in me . . . want to share an idea I had with you. Later, when taken shape, but want to share it nonetheless. . .

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