Daily prompt. More entires.

Missive :

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

I was not going to do the prompt. Stomach’s not quite up to scratch yet. Mind not quite able to focus on such heavy objects as un-inventing things.

But then I read Hope’s contribution, and I commented that money should be un-invented. And I thought, might as well do a post.

Why do I think money has to go?

I think the reason is quite self explanatory. Money per se is not really a problem, as guns as such is not the problem. What people are prepared to do for money – that is the problem.

Since time began, wars have been fought over monetary gains. It is speculated that the Knights Templar owned the first bank. And they were all decimated by their king for their riches.

People lose sight of what’s actually important because all they really worry about is money.

Kids are not being educated at home, or taught anything other than the comfort money can bring.

It’s become a mad rush to always earning more and more, buying more and more and more.

Replace money with a bartering system as in the old days. You have something I need, I have something you need.

I think it will force many people to actually work. Because you have to give something in exchange for what you’re getting – not just a note or two. Or you could give your time in exchange for the things you need.

Sure, I can see major repercussions. Not everybody can farm. And making things are a dying skill everywhere. And I have no idea what a weapons manufacturer would be able to give in return for a few bars of enriched uranium 😉

But hey – I would like to un-invent money.

And this is, after all, my own personal dream world!

And of course, there was absolutely NO other song I could possibly choose!!

45 comments on “Undo.

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  2. It is the root of all evil, so they say…

    Great post. Great idea. I’ve often wondered how our society would be different if we relied on a barter system of goods and services rather than a monetary system. Just as with my own post, I think we would find a way to make it work… and we would probably be better off for it. The end result would be the same: communities, neighbors, families, would all have to work together to survive.

  3. I love the barter system and have had our roof fixed and we are getting a truck fixed due to it. No money exchange, just one persons craft helping another. It does work and we may find our society in need of going back to it. Loved your blog. Saw “Momma Mia” in Rochester, NY off Broadway Production was great. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Glad the song brought back good memories 😉
      As for the bartering system, I think it’s a good idea. Will create a sense of community that’s completely lacking everywhere!
      Thanks for the read and the comment 🙂

    • They would value it a lot more because they would have actually had to do something for it – not just flipped a card in the direction of a machine 😉
      Glad you liked the song chickpea 🙂

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  5. I knew what that tune was going to be!
    The back-to-bartering society is one I experimented with a bit in my Regina novel (the one which didn’t get past the Amazon pitch stage) and it provided me with interesting food for thought while writing those parts. I found that in a fairly sophisticated society, it led to some very complicated quid pro quos!

    • It could not have been any other tune Col 😉
      I can well imagine that some creative thinking will have to be done for a bartering system to work. But imagine – no Patrick Craven spouting crap at his age, no Malema, no Nkandla – not with my hard earned money in any case! Will have to be a community effort, and if the community does not want to – tough titties!!

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  8. Your idea is NOT outdated. Lots of people who choose to live debt-free or as simply as they possibly can still use this system for their living.

    Read a book on how to live on a shoestring once. It’s amazing how much, in the mainstream, so many people don’t bat an eyelash when they want something. When you have no money, that’s when life becomes simpler and a body must become inventive. I LIKE the idea. Great post to get great conversation going.

    • It’s only when the money dries up that you learn how to manage.
      it takes creativity, but it’s not impossible – and I think many people have forgotten how to make do with less.

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