…it might be time for a post of some sort.

Well. What can I say.

The weekend is past. The workweek has started again.

Was it a good weekend? Not so much. Saturday was normal, although I did not do the washing as per usual.

Sunday though. Woke up with a stomach creating weird and wonderful cacophonous sounds. This after I had to listen to doef doef tunes until 3 am Sunday morning. Sounded like these people had a karaoke thing going – might have been fun for them, not so much for me!

Anyhow. Woke up to the noisy, roiling stomach. Proceeded directly to the bathroom and spent the next 3 hours there. and I don’t mean in the bath relaxing. Not a fun way to spend time. Left me as weak as a baby, so there went the plans for my nice curry meatballs and sweet pumpkin and home baked bread. Had all the kids and their partners and Mom there too. Suppose it could have been worse. Not by much though! The thing with a stomach bug – it does not always last long, but boy!! It mangles you completely!!! And I don’t know if it was something I ate, or something in the air, or if it was just time for my stomach and liver and missing gallbladder to inform me of their continued existence in my body and to start treating them with more respect for the next year or so!

Had to cancel my private lesson tonight – don’t have enough energy almost to breathe, let alone have a decent session on the dance floor! And on Wednesday, I have to take my sister and her husband to the airport for their trip to Thailand. There goes my group for Wednesday. Hoping I’ll be up to par on Friday!

Still not feeling up to scratch – don’t know if I’ll have the energy to sit in front of the PC tonight when I get home. Don’t know what I’ll be eating either – dry toast and Bovril does not hold all that much culinary treats. Black rooibos with sugar is also starting to lose it’s healing properties. But I’m too shit scared to start eating anything else. Don’t want this to start up again.

One good thing though – buddy from work has kindly lent me her copy of The Professional! Guess I will after all be spending time in front of the PC tonight – priorities people!

That’s as much of an update I can give you at this stage.  Maybe the prompt will give me something to work with, if I can get the brain to play along that is. As things stand now, I’ve only got enough energy left to get home tonight – and not much more than that.

May tomorrow be better 😉


27 comments on “Thought…

  1. Looking at the time you must be watching The Professional and crying by now 🙂 Hope you are back on your feet tomorrow.

    • You are so right 😉
      Even though you know what’s going to happen, you still cry. and that last bit when he’s trying for his freedom – well. Hitman or no – he was a good man. Somebody worth knowing 🙂
      Hope I can eat tomorrow – starving!!
      And thanks for the visit and the comment!

  2. Oh dear. Poor you. If this happens to you again (which I’m sure you’d prefer not) try taking homeopathic arsen alb (not not poisonous, following the “like treats like” idea).

    When you start eating again, egg is a good binder. Peeled apples are good for wounded insides. And Marmite on toast (white bread to start off) replaces the lost salt and B Vits. Meanwhile, sips of boiled water. Yuck.

    Hope you feel better soon xox

    • I’ve been going the marmite on toast route – although I can’t stand the taste of marmite, so I’m using Bovril. Getting old, rapidly. sips of boiled water? You Must be kidding me!! I’ll spend more time in the loo than not!!
      I’m hoping tomorrow it will be only a bad memory.
      You’re right about the egg – will boil me one or 2 tomorrow for something other than dry bread to eat 😉

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