…or far from it?

The Daily prompt. Here are more contributions.

And this is what we had to work with :Β Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.

My life, boring sure. Normal? Not so much. Then again. What is normal?

For some, normal is having all the mod-cons. For others it’s living just above the breadline. You may think that having cable TV is a normal part of life. For me – just the thought of spending all that money every month just to become a moronic TV watcher seems kind of silly.

One of my regular commenters said the other day that I have such a large personality. That I’m funny. Another one loves my rants – because it makes him giggle. I can live with that. Have always been able to make people laugh. Usually not intentionally! Used to have a woman that would come to the smoking section every morning just so she could hear the joke of the day from me πŸ˜‰

Large personality? Loud mouth is more like it. Here on my blog, I’m very outspoken. Am that in real life too, but I have to temper it with some common sense – life will be much more difficult if I did not. But I can see why people would think I am a large personality. If I’m comfortable with the people around me, I become that. Large. Overbearing. Opinionated. When in company I’m not comfortable with though – I disappear very effectively. No matter where I am, who I’m with – if I’m not comfortable, I won’t even make the effort.

I am an immovable object when I believe in something. And when I’m in the right hormonal mix, and in just the right mood. Just this afternoon, I basically forced a guy to fall in behind me – bastard thought that he would just cut across on the shoulder of the road and me, stupid, scared female will just let him? Sorry bru. Not going to happen. Laugh at me all you like – won’t change the fact that I will not be pushed around by the likes of you.

I think there are females out there that might have, for some ungodly reason, envied me my experience with blokes. They thought that the fact that I went on numerous dates with numerous men, that I had freedom. Freedom from a bloke parking off on the couch watching TV all day and scratching his balls. Freedom from having to cook and clean and be touched by only one man. Girls – not as much fun as you might have thought. Sure, I do have freedom. Mostly to park off on my chair in front of my PC, but hey. It’s freedom of a sort. I don’t have to cook and clean and bother with a man all the time. And if there’s any ball scratching to be done, rather do it where I can’t see it!

I am the queen of reality. Most folks see it as being negative. But if you really live in the moment, like I do most of the time, you can see the scenario play out before it’s even started. I sometimes try to change the course. Try to halt it. It never works. Some things are going to happen, regardless of your views on the matter. So, if I meet a guy, usually, within the first few minutes, maybe an hour, I can see where it’s going. Sure they will say the words they think I want to hear, but I only listen with half an ear. Because I already know the outcome. If I meet any person for that matter, I can see where it’s headed. I know who’s a user. I know who will be kind as long as it suits them. I almost know exactly where and when I’ll be hurt by them. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe so. Does not detract from the reality though.

I live the life of a functioning hermit. I go to work during the day, interact with people. But when I’m at home at night, no humans. Just animals. If I don’t get visitors over weekends, I don’t see people either. And for some people that’s not normal. According to the rest of the world, humans are not made to be alone. And I can’t differ with them, just look at all the things I did to try and find a mate, but I have to say. Being alone is a lot more comfortable than being with people. Being on my own, I’m never really lonely. I’m alone. And mostly OK with it. Maybe, one day, I’ll meet a man of worth. Until then, I’ll just carry on as I have been doing.

This then things I do that most “normal” people find not quite normal. For me, it’s utterly right. But then, I’ve never aspired to having a normal life in any way, shape or form. That was not written in my stars, this I know. And I’m for the most part, living the life I have as best I can.

With a little help from my friends – my blog friends that is πŸ˜‰

Long days and pleasant nights to all.

19 comments on “Normal…

    • Traffic is a collective effort. It’s everywhere. It’s usually the individual drivers that makes it a pain everywhere.
      And then I got home, and it was good, once again πŸ˜‰

    • Comparing yourself to anybody is just looking for trouble Tess.
      I’m OK living the life I do, because I’m comfortable in it.
      And than heavens, I don’t have to babysit!!

    • Now there’s a leading question chickpea!!
      I think we’ll carry on with the blogging mom/daughter thing for quite some time yet.
      Might eventually meet, and then a different kind of relationship will start.

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  5. I suppose your post only reinforces the need for us to look inside for growth, development and peace rather than look out and draw comparisons. We are unique in our own ways and need to hold the awareness that we bring in unique competences and experiences into the world.

    Great post.


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