…I’m feeling slightly darker that I have been for the past week or so.

Heard on the radio today that petrol is likely to increase by 80c per litre next month.

Effectively halting any kind of growth they might have thought of.

Oil prices are rising, rand is weakening.

I realise that things are bad everywhere. I know that there are monetary crisis’ in many countries in the world.Β Too many people. Not enough jobs to go around.

Why then can my government carry on spending the way they do? I read in a comment section of some or other article that this particular person would rather let the government spend money on the shit they do, than to spend that money on armoured army vehicles.

Now. To my way of thinking. When there’s nothing to eat in your country, you move on to the next one. Since people are quite like locusts. And if the country you are moving to, does not want you there, how, exactly are they going to keep the unwanteds out if the government of the day rather spend money on larney cars and huge houses than the safety of it’s citizens? And by citizens, I mean all the stupid cattle that work every day, trying to make ends meet on an ever smaller budget.

Yet another reason for my darkness is probably the usual hormonal cycle.

And the third reason would be that what was happening is not happening any longer. I have never cottoned on to the fact that people are just too busy to drop a quick message, on any platform. It’s going to take 3 minutes of your time. Use it. And if not, then effingwill say so!!!

Or are guys that ball-less? As I said to my ex once, many years ago – I have bigger balls than you. Always have, always will. Talk to me. If you don’t want to, don’t use busyness as an excuse – it does not fly with me. Just tell me straight up, and I’ll leave you alone. Gladly. Let it not be said that I act like a typical clingy woman. I’ll act like your typical no-care male before I become a clingy woman. I’d rather push you out of my surrounds before I give you a remote foothold in my psyche. Does that sound hard? Sure it does! Can’t very well expect me to be a soft, gentle being if everything around me is harsh and real. Give me reason to be soft and gentle and we can talk about it. You will not see that side of me until you’ve proven that you are a man of worth. Sucky, I know. Also, probably not the way things are supposed to be, but hey. this is what you lot made me after all – I did not get like this all by myself. Time to pay the piper. Unfortunately, I seem to be the payer every time.

So be it.

My dancing shoes are in my bag, with my water and my little white towel. Time to go dance, dance, dance!!!!

Enjoy your Friday evening folks!!


17 comments on “Tonight…

    • We have to stop then H.
      I mean, we really have to stop them from throwing money around like there’s no tomorrow! Then again, in Africa there never is a tomorrow. It’s all about the here and now – tomorrow has to look after itself.

    • Thanks Sarah.
      I’m afraid what I have on offer is nowhere near anything good – just the ramblings of a very confused mind!
      I offered an alternative…

      • The ramblings of a confused mind can sell;-) I love your writing style. Everytime I read one of your blog posts, I say to myself, Jaycee is so funny and such a big personality. I can almost hear you talking as you write.

      • now that’s huge praise indeed!!
        Thanks Sarah πŸ˜‰
        I can only wish I had the same faith in myself as you have in me. i’ll stick to the alternative if you don’t mind – think I’m a bit more coherent on my blog than I was in the novel!!

    • Way better Seeker πŸ˜‰
      I danced until my toes lost feeling and my hip felt like it was going to pop out of it’s socket, but it was so worth it πŸ˜‰

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