Daily prompt.

This is what everybody else came up with on the following theme : Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.


My blog name.

Where did it start.

It started in 2009 when I came back to South Africa after my sojourn in Iraq. I wanted a funky mail address  – one that does not contain my name in any way, shape or form. Because my dude had such a mail address.

When he sent me an e mail, what I would see in my inbox was that funky name. Something personal to him. Something that’s owned just by him. It was so great seeing that name in my yahoo mail inbox. It was usually just a tidbit of his day, or a response to one of the mails I sent him. But it was good times.

So I chose 68ghia. The year I was born and my favourite car in the whole world – a Karmen Ghia. Blood redexterior, fawn interior, whitewall tyres. That’s a dream I have had since about forever. To restore my own car and me and the car can grow old gracefully together.

Of course, my dude went his own way, and I started blogging. About the loss and the sadness, and the heartache and the loneliness. And I had to get a blog name. So I decided on 68ghia as a perfectly good nom du guerre.

I know the name on this blog is jaycee68, just because it would not accept my 68ghia name. But I’m answering everything as 68ghia. I have a few friends that know me as Ghia and not by my actual name. When I started blogging it was on a different platform. One that’s since been disbanded for all intents and purposes.

I’ve used that name on all my numerous forays into the murky world of online dating.

All that is over now. I suppose, in looking at if from afar, maybe it’s time for me to move away from 68ghia and choose something else. Then again, why would I want to? It would be like changing your telephone number after however many years.

I think I’ll stick to my nic – everybody worth knowing knows me by it 😉

Long days and pleasant nights to all…

The song i chose to play tonight is a trance song. Just lovely. But the video is spectacular!! ven if you don’t like trance, the vid is worth watching 😉

31 comments on “Daily prompt.

  1. Interesting reason for the choice of blog name. I bet you can’t guess why I chose anotherdayinparadise. 😀 I’ll carry on addressing my comments to ’68’, if you have no objection. I like to be different. 🙂

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  4. “Long days and pleasant nights to all…” And may you have twice as many. Hooray for a great Trance song too. A Stephen King reference and Trance in the same place? It’s too good to be true.

    • There will be water if God wills it…
      I just finished reading The Wind through the Keyhole – think I need to start again with The Gunslinger – Mr King has ever had a huge fan in me, and Armin van Buuren? A god among men 😉
      I’m a woman of many facets indeed – why do you think it’s so difficult to find a dude that meets at least a few?
      Hope you enjoyed the tune and the video 😉

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  6. You’re doing the right thing by not changing. You’ve built up a readership; why start all over again? I actually knew someone who had a Karmen Ghia in a nother century. Hers was a sort of peachy pink or pink beige. She treated it like GOLD.
    Love the background on the video but was not able to peruse it as it is blocked in my country. Just FYI. Happens sometimes.

    • Sorry the vid did not play Tess – it was really well worth the watch. Absolutely breathtaking actually!
      As for the Ghia – it has been my dream car for as long as I’ve known anything about cars, and that’s been a while – I would DO things to own one such as that!!

  7. 68Ghia – hah. Okay then… but I know at least one of your other names…. So good to know background – if I go back to entries in 2009, do I get to find out what you were doing in Iraq? Fascinating – that’s what you are, J. Grin.

    • Strangely, I never blogged while in Iraq. And all my sadness posts are on my other blog platform – I’ll go look for the link if you want to read from where it all started so to speak 😉
      Thanks for thinking I’m fascinating P – I’ve been called many things, most of them much less flattering than fascinating!!

  8. I like the name Ghia 🙂 And as I have no knowledge of cars whatsoever, I’d never have made the connection. Ja, keep your name – if you want to change, you’ll know the right time.
    I’ve been wondering about my blog’s theme – but everytime I look at a new theme, I think: Nah. Just stick to what I’ve got.

    • Exactly!
      I’ve settled into my blog like an old lady settles into her favourite lounger 😉
      It knows my curves and has no sharp edges – works for me 🙂

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