The Evil Plot.

As seen by me in response to Sidey’s weekend theme.


The Evil plot.

I heard a crow today. Saw it’s great shadow as it flitted across the wasteland it calls home. The wasteland I must inhabit against my better judgement. But only I can keep them from spreading to the furthest reaches of earth. Only I know the reason why crows become abundant when all other lifeforms are struggling to survive.

It started many years ago. Millennia probably, although I was not there way back then. I have studied their behaviour. I’ve roamed where they roam. I’ve lived where they lived.

And I saw their evil plot. To decimate humans. To destroy all other animals. To take over all habitats and call it their own.

Fact that the humans merrily helped the destruction along with overpopulation and over grazing and deforestation is not something the crows cared about. In fact, the crows crawed with glee every time another forest made way for a housing development. Or the search for more black gold, yellow gold, uranium, gas – it all destroyed Earth. Making the land uninhabitable by any but the clever crow. Causing them to grow in greater numbers than ever before. Carrion is never hard to come by. And for the crow, nothing is hidden. He searches diligently for his next meal. Breeds indiscriminately, bringing more young into this world where they can all hunt together.

The only places where crows did not manage to take over were in the areas where humans planted gardens. Where they planted trees and flowers. Where they tried to keep some kind of habitat going for all God’s creatures. Where they managed the land so that everything had a chance to grow and multiply. Where they stopped greedy governments and mining magnates to decimate the earth. Where they did not dam rivers, but let them flow, bringing their much needed water to all areas of their reach, and not only some places.

In short.

Where humans look after their habitat and everything that inhabits there with them, crows have nothing to feed on. No rubbish lying on the side of the roads. No overflowing landfills because everything is recycled. No place for them to rear their young because they are chased away by people that cares.

They laughed at me for my views. They laugh at me still. But they won’t laugh for long because I can see the crows gathering in greater numbers for their insidious influx. And before the humans know it, they will have lost everything they hold dear. They might have money, but no food to spend that money on. Survival will become the only thing they can invest time in. They can’t grow anything, they’ve bankrupted the earth. They can’t raise anything because they can’t grow anything. They have to buy from the green spaces at a premium. They will realise the error of their ways, but by then it will be too late. they will have nothing left with which to bargain with. They will have nothing left but empty stretches of land where only death reigns.

They will try and go to the green areas. But those people jealously guard their tracts of land. They veto any and all who will enter. They listened to me. They took precautions against the evil plot of the crows.

How long before they, too, falter beneath greed?




19 comments on “The Evil Plot.

  1. It’s a good read. Personally, I love crows when they gathered in numbers. Now it’s brighter they are moving away. I see them everyday on top of this building on my way to work. Very few stayed behind.

    • Crows really are magnificent creatures. But they’re also indicative of a damaged society, unfortunately.
      But yes – in multitudes they can be an arresting sight.
      Thanks for the read and the comment 😉

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