What’ll I do…

I’ll just carry on living I suppose…



Went dancing again tonight. And it was heaps of fun. Again.

Sat on the side much less than previous times, had a lovely foxtrot, a good swing, and a few lovely mambo’s 😉 Even took a turn with the owner of the studio, and the instructor again commented on my prowess – he must stop that, I might just start believing him!!

On the way back home I was thinking how I’m not feeling any regrets that I’ve started doing this again. I’m sure you know the feeling just after you’ve bought something that you know you should not have. Either because it’s too expensive, or you don’t really need it, or you have enough already, but you went ahead and bought it anyway. And then you regret it. You’re angry at yourself for doing something so stupid. I have not felt like this about the dancing. I know I will probably need the money for petrol for the car or whatever, yet I can’t seem to feel bad about it.

My soul feels light. My body is returning to the moves I learnt so long ago. And when I’m on the floor I know that I’m doing this well, and I can actually excel at it if given half a chance.

And then I heard the song I posted above. My dude gave me this music, and the first time I heard it, the whole loss thing came crashing down on me. Since I knew how things will likely end. I went ahead though, because some things should be done, regardless of the consequences. The experience is worth more than the aftermath, no matter how devastating. And I’m glad I had that experience. It was worth it.

And now, the arms of Morpheus is calling me. Time to sleep, tomorrow’s going to be a long day.

Bonne nuit.



13 comments on “What’ll I do…

    • Not knowing all those steps should never detract from your love of dancing 😉
      It’s all about feeling the music and expressing yourself in any way you can 🙂
      Thanks for the visit and the comment!
      En ek het baie lekker geslaap dankie – net heeltemal te lank!!

  1. So good to hear about your dancing and that you are enjoying it. Dancing does that, lifts up my spirit, puts a smile on my face, a swing in my step, a whole lot of confidence, the list goes on…Have fun J.

    • I have this one swing step I do, and I see the dude I danced it with last night check it out because he does not know it – I’m just loving this K. It’s feeding my soul the sweetest ambrosia 😉

  2. Sometimes you just need to do something that you enjoy, even if it does mean that you may struggle with something else a little later. Life’s too short not to do things that you enjoy

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