The Daily Prompt has given us a very serious topic today.

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

Seeing how I feel about doctors as a collective group my views might be tainted just slightly by utter disdain because I’ve yet to have a good experience with a doctor, and I’ve experienced them on all levels. Worked with them, for them, was a patient – not one good experience.


This post is not about doctors and the kind of people they invariably turn into, it’s about healthcare.

Back in the day, when my people still ruled this little corner of the earth, our medical facilities were world class. Our research was world class. Our doctors were world class. I mean really. The very first heart transplant was done in the good old RS of A. Our training facilities were world class. And the whole lot was government funded.

There were the minimum private facilities, and every person was ensured of superior health care. If you did not have a job, you paid a token amount, but you got the same care as the paying customers did.

I had both my children in a government facility.

Now, however, medical care in South Africa has gone to the dogs. Actually, I’ve seen better run vet clinics than human medical facilities. If you don’t have a very expensive medical aid that ensures you will be taken to a private facility, your chances of actually surviving what’s wrong with you are slim. The doctors are no care – no matter what colour they are. Medicines are not always available. Good nursing care is not always available.

But the greater majority of South Africans can’t afford medical aids, so they have to depend on the state for the meager care they do get. I’m talking simple things like clean bed linen. Meals. Not even those things can be provided for because the same corrupt people that runs the country are in the middle of healthcare. And corruption and greed has never been good things, but is rife in South Africa.

I can’t speak for the rest of the world. And we can’t bring the old system back. The infrastructure was damaged to such an extent that only a complete rebuild will make a difference.

My answer to the question posed would be yes. Government should be responsible for healthcare. As they should be responsible for charity and job solutions. But everybody has to be treated the same. Both paying and non-paying.

Face it. If everything was left to the private sector, money will soon become King, as it happens, and then you can get a cure for cancer handed to you in exchange for your first born son. Because that’s what private health care does. It might be good, but it’s invariably too expensive for the normal man to afford without bankruptingΒ Β himself.

Alas. The human element. People will always take advantage of any government system. And the haves always end up paying for the have-nots.

That is how it’s always been and how it’s always going to be.

At the moment, you either pay through your nose for medical aid, and go to a private facility, or you take your chances with a very dicey government facility. But the government wants to instate a health tax that everybody has to pay. So you’ll be paying your own medical aid, and then you’ll still have to fork out for medical tax. That you won’t be allowed to use, since you have a medical aid.

And guaranteed, That money will NOT be used to upgrade any government medical facility. It will be used to line a crony’s pocket at the behest of our fearless leader. I have no problem paying such a tax – if I was certain it would be used for the purpose it is taken. But they’ve proven time and again they can’t be trusted with any more of my money than they’re already getting.

Such is life in SA. If you’re wanting the government to do anything other than buy expensive toys and go on expensive holidays, you have a long wait ahead of you. Because they are only there to look after one person – themselves.

And screw the rest. With a stick.

I might be biased. I mean, the people are FREE!!! At last!!

Free to die from incompetence. And hunger. And illness. And disease. And just general apathy from their elected leaders.

But hey – you got what you wanted, now deal with it. I’ll make a plan one way or the other. Because that’s what I do. And if it means never going to see a doctor – well, I can live with that.

I suppose this whole post was completely off topic. But I did answer the question. Why pay tax if they’re not going to use it for the betterment of the society that pays said tax?

And why line the pockets of some, already rich enough, person for doing research?



29 comments on “Healthcare…

  1. I have nothing to say about our medical institutions, the morons who run it and the selfish bastards who fund it. Had I written anything on the subject, wordpress would shut down. . . So I’ll just agree with you and nod my head with a grim face . . .

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  3. Anytime the government gets involved health care,health insurance, loans, and bail outs, it is a bad thing. My blog is filled with information on these topics.
    Thanks for checking in on me:) Golf season started this past Monday, so my work days are jammed pack. Good thing is; 70 days till summer vacation!!!!!!!

    • Good heavens!!
      Feels as if you just got back from summer vacation!!
      You coming for a visit then? I’ll take you to our wonderful Gary Player designed golf courses πŸ˜‰

      • Dude, you don’t want to know how many beer pubs we have here – just about one on every corner.
        And it’s a well known fact that our beers are quite tasty…

      • I never sweet talk – always just the honest truth ;-0
        biggest favourite – Castle and Black label. hansa & Windhoek are also relatively big sellers. Castle draft. Milk stout…
        But Castle and Black label is proudly South African πŸ˜‰
        I’ll be proud to show you off – my very own hillbilly πŸ˜‰
        but you must be able to speak the lingo – I think they have a hillbilly show here on TV so people will want to hear what that sounds like in real life!

      • A Hillbilly tv show? Actually, there is a golfer from your country named Rory Sabatini. The guy has become a Hillbilly. Boats and fishing..the whole 9 yards. And I speak the lingo of beer…..I would fit right in on any bar stool on the planet. Thing is, you will have to saddle up and have a few yourself if you want to hang with me. πŸ™‚ !!

      • Some people are just natural Hillbillies I suppose πŸ˜‰
        As for the lingo, I’m not talking beer lingo, I’m talking HIllbilly lingo, and I will share a few shandies with you – get drunk waaay to quickly on beer!! But I can park off with the best of them πŸ˜‰

  4. Profit is what the private institutes are after. Personal gain is what the gravy train passengers are after. It’s a no win situation which ever way you look at it

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