Call me?

I don’t really care!!

The Daily Prompt today had no idea what a can of works they’ve opened with this topic!

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

For those of you that have been reading me for the last 2 years, you will know just how I feel about my phone.

In short, I absolutely adore it! I would marry it if I could. And it’s almost two years old already, but it’s just never old. I covered it, safe from harm, and even though it fell quite a few times, it’s still in a decent condition. Somebody asked me the other day if it was still new, since I’m always waxing lyrical about it 😉 I think I’ve actually pissed off one of my randoms because of that same waxing – no man can compete with my baby!!

It goes with me everywhere.

Not so that I can be in contact with people, because it hardly ever rings, but because it really is my life line.

On my gorgeous phone I have the Kindle app. I have an iBooks app. I have Instagram. Shazam. I have the collected works of Dickens, Homer. Sherlock Holmes. The story of Dorian Gray. Even that infernal Shady Grey book. I can access my FB profile and post pictures of the tits I share the road with. I can fiddle around on the internet when and if I want. I can see what phase the moon is in, how long the days are. I have world clocks on there for every person I know, not living in SA.

I have tunes on my gorgeous phone. All my pictures, and some of my memories go with me every day.

What do I need phone calls for?

As long as I have a book to read and tunes to listen to, phone calls are just an irritant!

As long as I have a raw photo, I can Instagram to my heart’s content!

As long as I have Star Walk, I am never without something to do.

Not to mention whatsapp messages coming through at all hours. Well, lately not that often, but still 😉

I realise there are people out there that does not feel about my phone the way I do, and that’s quite allright. I know a few that has the Samsung, and they’re just as happy with their instruments as I am with mine, and I’m sure those instruments are not bad. I’m not saying they are.

All I’m saying is that the day I got my iPhone, we were set on a journey for life.

Therefore, even if my private life goes for shit, at least my gorgeous iPhone has never deserted me. Never given me the kind of grief men do. Never made me feel bad. Always there. I don’t have to share my baby with anybody. As long as I charge it, it never lets me down. And I have not a single bad thing to say about it.

It would seem, between my iPhone and Samurai Jack – my life is kind of two-dimensional 😉

To answer the question – my phone is not just a phone. It makes a dreary day bearable more often than not.

And here’s a memory for my few Afrikaans readers 😉

36 comments on “Call me?

  1. Did not listen to the song, no . . . But Samurai Jack? You are really one of a kind!! I love that show! As for the phone, let’s just say you’re still one of a kind . . . 😉

    • For some people a phone must just ring.
      Mine probably only rings once a day when my mom phones me awake. But I do everything else with it. It’s more of a companion than a phone really 😉
      Now, if your daughter has an iPhone too, she’s a young lady with very good taste 🙂

      • To be sure… It has bells and whistles, why it even sings…! 🙂
        Yes, Ghia; this is her ‘lifeline’, her camera, her Internet, her emails, her apps, her pics/videos… is there anything it isn’t…?
        Yep; that’s one smart cookie… 😉

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  3. GRIEF!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 😛

    Sounds like you do have quite the relationship with your phone. That’s fun. I’m trying to think if there is anything I’m so attached to (aside from my wife, of course)… and the only thing I can come up with is perhap my laptop. Though, a few years ago it would have been my turntables.

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  6. I’ve got a Blackberry and I absolutely hate it! this whole smart phone thing is irritating me. Maybe I should take a page out of your book and actually use what’s on it

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