Well, well…

It was just great!

I picked up the steps with nary a stumble πŸ˜‰

The shoes did not hurt at all. Although I could not find the hole of the little strap, so I got the young dancing instructor to help me πŸ˜‰

A man in front of me on bended knee, fastening my shoes – what more can a woman want!!

I got taught a new step, danced a bit of a tango and a bit of a cha-cha – think I will enjoy this new phase of my life.

For at least the next 6 months, I’ll be going to private lessons once every so often, and, if I really want to, I’ll join in the socials and group lessons.

Because I’ve danced before, I’ll not fall in with the beginners, but rather start in the more advanced classes and see where that takes me.

Alas. For some or other reason the current random seems perturbed about something. Heaven alone knows what. Maybe he thought we would from now on be doing everything together, and never be apart other than when working or some such shit.

I really don’t know what next. Tells me he likes and cherishes his man cave and alone time, but gets pissed if I do things on my own.

Go figure. Dudes. Who knows what the hell goes on in their heads! And this lament has been a litany throughout my last few years. You give them space, they don’t like it. You don’t get jealous and clingy, they don’t like it. You get jealous and clingy, they don’t like it. You cramp their space, they don’t like it. I often think dudes like the high maintenance girls – well, I’m not high maintenance. I will carry on with my life regardless of if you’re in it or not – I’ve learned how to do that very well. A man now is just a nice to have, not a basic need. He’s like having DSTV or going for supper more than once every 6 months. He’s never going to be bread and milk and eggs.

Such is life I suppose.

And last, but not least. Today marks the day that I got 100 followers πŸ˜‰

Me, Ghia, have 100 people wanting to read what I write – how cool is that!! On my previous blog platform I’ve only managed to reach something like 17 subscribers and maybe 50 people that was sort of likers I suppose you could call them.

Here’s to me, and my strange life – at least it makes for interesting reading. Sometimes. πŸ˜‰

And on a more sober note, my mom’s cousin passed away this afternoon. Was on a ventilator for the past month or so, after a slightly botched operation, bad cancer everywhere. So sad – she got married again just a while back. The poor old man was quite supportive and is probably devastated now. At least the last few years of her life was happy. May your rest be good Ria, you’ve had a good wicket.



25 comments on “Well, well…

  1. Glad to hear that you had a good time. Sorry to hear about the passing of your mon’s cousin though, sucks that she was on a ventilator for so long and they weren’t able to get her “back”.
    As for the followers, I think I’ll unfollow just to bring you back down to 99, it seems like a much “fuller” number than 100 πŸ˜›

  2. Well done on scoring a century!
    Sad about the cousin – *(pedantic – your cousin, too, once removed!)* – and perhaps it was not before time, but after time. Sometimes these ventilators and other prolongers of the inevitable don’t seem a good idea.

    • Which is exactly why all my closest family knows about my decision to not be resuscitated should anything like this ever happen. Just please let me die with more grace than I’m apparently living.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the dance class. You’re obviously much better at it than I am. πŸ™‚ Congrats on your 100 followers. It’s a good feeling knowing people find your blog worth following.

    • I’ve always been good with dancing – just absolutely love it πŸ˜‰
      As for the followers – quite surprising for me actually – never been one that grabbed any attention πŸ˜‰ But it’s good to know there are at least SOME people that appreciates something about me πŸ˜‰

    • Don’t need confidence to take dancing lessons – all you need is a good instructor and hopefully some rhythm.
      Once you’re on the dance floor, and start knowing the steps, you forget about the world around you entirely πŸ˜‰
      I took my glasses off last night – could just about see the instructor, but nobody else clearly – makes me feel as if I’m the only person dancing – just feel the moves – you’ll love it!!

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