E tolling…

Teh greatest abortion in SA since the 1994 election.

In my view.


The company I work for has a fleet of cars.

Today, the FM is meeting with the E tolling gents. As I’m certain many other companies are doing.

Trying to get better rates or whatever they’re trying.

The people trooped in here – think they sent 6 or 7 people. Of course, not a single whitey, and not a single female of any colour, but that’s par for the course.

I’m looking at them, and I wonder.

When will the government make, as prerequisite for being employed, or owning a car, or having a driver’s licence, that you MUST register for E tolling?

Because I will not be registering for it anytime soon.

If they want money from me, they will have to send me an account.

Then again. I have access to GPS and Google maps.

If I can avoid using their highways, I will, so SCREW THEM!! The highway they’re planning on tolling is the busiest highway in the whole of Africa. Don’t suppose it means much, Africa being what it is and all that, but the magnitude of vehicles on those highways every day is immense.

This is going to cause innumerable job losses. And I can’t fathom why the government can’t see it like this. If you have to fork out R 2000 extra per month for travelling, you’ll have to let the domestic worker go. The kids’ afternoon care, the extra lessons, maybe your dancing lessons – sure, all relative luxuries, but all those things employ people to exist. And if you can’t afford them anymore, what do you think is going to happen to them?

And it’s not only 1 person that will have to pay extra for transport. It’s every single person driving between JHB and PTA on a daily basis.

Companies that has 5 drivers but only really need 3. Before they would have paid the 5 salaries. Now they will have to cut a job just to keep their profit margin steady. Not bigger. Just steady.

I suppose the government has a plan – they always do. Or somebody saw a gap and took it – and is getting filthy rich in the process.

I really need to move away from this suck hole I live in. Can’t handle this blatant stupidity, idiocy, greed – in short, a typical Africa mentality. Only a matter of time before we’re stuck in the same trap Zim has fallen into.

Where do I flee to though?

I don’t belong anywhere but here…



21 comments on “E tolling…

  1. Ag ja, what can one say these morons see money in the pocket and NOT unemployment. I can see the congestion on the side roads and only not knowing few foreign tourists falling for the toll road. Wonder who they are going to blame then – colonialism? Verwoerd? apartheid? racism? sedition? religion? custom?

    • The side roads are already hell H.
      And only getting worse.
      I’m in the process of getting a bike – I’ll be riding on the pavements. Screw them and their bloody roads!
      Bloody agents!
      Oh, and they will always find somebody to blame. And that somebody will never be themselves…

      • of course Col.
        nobody but whities are to blame for everything.
        And as long as we exist to offend them with our glaring un-africanness, I’m afraid we will be made the scapegoat time and again…

  2. I totally get you, lets hope they can be a bit reasonable about the whole thing. I’m still a bit hopefull but like you I wont be registering anytime soon

    • If I can completely avoid registering, I will Ric.
      I’m giving them more than enough money with all the taxes I pay – ain’t giving them more blood money!!

    • Often, in bed, late at night, I dream of living in a country not ruled by idiotic politicians of whatever colour. Just people like me and you, that realise the value of hard work, that makes sure the things that has to run does, and the things that needs to be locked up is, and the things that needs to stay out is kept out.
      That’s why I’ve been thinking only taxpayers should have the vote. Regardless of age, or colour or job or income, if you have a taxnumber, if you pay tax on your salary, you are the only one that can vote. Not people buying tax free bread. People that goes to work every day, and pays their dues. They will quickly stop the leaks from happening I can assure you!

      • Can I vote for you as President?
        I also think that a qualified franchise would be a good idea. Many of the voters who somehow manage to earn enough to pay taxes are still as thick as a complete load of bricks.

    • Doubt they ever will AD.
      It’s quite sickening to hear how much money they waste on all kinds of useless rubbish, and then, when people start burning towns they don’t know why…

  3. I get sick to my stomach every time I hear about this. If they weren’t using millions of taxpayers money to upgrade our horny president’s homestead, then a lot of things could be upgraded. The enquiry they had was absolute bull. My cousin’s friend is a contractor and everything was written on a government cheque and the reason for it being issued was security. They managed to say everything was security in stupid eg windows are security because they prevent intruders from entering the house. Really boils my blood!!

  4. The government is not in the business of caring. Their rampant and insatiable appetite for more money is blatant. Little do they realize that they will be the architects of the SA economic meltdown and will still have the audacity to blame the whites. I refuse to register for the e-tolls, as do the other 290 000 road users.

    • I will not register for it – was talking to somebody last night – they have not thought of all the logistics – what about travelers from other countries just passing through?
      They will suck us dry and once that happens, I don’t know what’s going to happen here.

      • Don’t you find it strange that the government is so efficient when it comes to things that will earn them money, yet they are so inept when it comes to giving back or service delivery?

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