One has to wonder…

The daily post.

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. 

In all my years of searching for a man of note.

What would I do if I actually met him?

The man that could listen to Jazz tunes with me. That would prefer drinking coffee to beer. That would actually be able to cook because I don’t want to. The one that would not have an issue with the fact that I’m not a housewife’s backside.

The man that dresses well. That smells good. That has good fore arms, and hands that knows hard work. The man that can help me in my DIY endeavours, and that would be there when I need him to be there.

Be it for muscle, a shoulder, a hand to hold, a back to climb in behind.

The man that would open doors for me, that would get up from his seat when I enter a room. That would wait for me to be seated, and before he starts eating.

A gentlemen. And a gentle man.

Would I be good for a man such as this?

Would I be able to uphold his gentlemanly behaviour? Would I graciously fit into the role of a cherished woman? Would I be what he wants to come back to at night. What he would want to see each morning on waking?

Would I pass muster with such a man? Would he even WANT to spend time with me?

Looking at the person I am – I have to wonder. Would he find my strident voice offensive. My opinions abrasive. My outspokenness embarassing? My dress sense lacking? My abhorrence to make up irritating?

Could I be a lady? Would he accept me, even if I was not? Could such a man be all I want, and allow me to be all I can?

One has to wonder…

Stupid youtube does not want me to embed this file. So go here to hear the tune.



30 comments on “One has to wonder…

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  4. The moment you find the right guy, you’ll know what to do and what to say. If you don’t he’s not the right guy. You can’t dress well all the time, before you decide, imagine how you’d like him if he was at his worst. 🙂

    • You’re quite right on that score 😉
      It would seem then that I have not met the right one just yet!!
      Still, I live in hope 🙂
      Thanks for the visit…

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    • The search has actually lost it’s luster Ruth.
      I’m just going through the motions these days.
      I’m hoping it will happen unexpectedly – will save me a lot of money and hassles 😉

    • Well, no use starting off with the bar as low as it can go 😉
      You’re right though. For such a man to exist would be a miracle – but I always live in hope 😉

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