Since reading an article last night about the riots in Sasolburg, I’ve had these images in my head.


From the movie Constantine. One of my favourite movies. Completely off centre, but to me, cool.

Anyhow. The first time I saw it, and the scene where Constantine goes to hell, I noticed the flames. The destruction. The mess. And every winter, when I drive through the low cost housing settlement close to my house, I see the same flames and destruction and mess.

The next images are from the riots currently happening in Sasolburg. A relatively out of the way place. Where the Sasol plant is. And there they make petrol out of coal. Yes, we were that good in the old days.

This, however, is all that’s left…


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Stone throwing, property damage

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Threats. Fingerpointing. General Anarchy.



I’ve listened to the news reports. Heard the protesters shout that they will make this place ungovernable. This seems to be their ultimate goal. To have total anarchy and chaos.

Apparently that’s what Africa thrives on.

It saddens me to see this. It also angers me.

Because, for every service delivery protest that happens, everybody should see that the ANC is failing miserably.

And yet, I, and my fellow whities, are still being blamed for it.

And the ANC, and the lead idiot Zuma, are being voted in time and again.

Forgive me for washing my hands of this whole fiasco. You lot voted yourself into this crap situation, you vote yourself out of it again.

I ain’t gonna…






15 comments on “Images.

  1. They can’t see past the end of their noses, they always think that these protests will do something. And they will always see the ANC as the party that “saved” them so I don’t see them turning their backs on them in the near future

    • Oh well, one day I’ll have enough money to just fuck off and leave this crap heap – then they can burn and pillage and call me names and do just whatever they like – since that’s what freedom apparently means…

    • You’re right – kick-ass šŸ˜‰
      As for SA, I’m so sad that it’s come to this – we were so great once upon a time.
      Now, all the world see is this chaos…

      • With control, Chaos lurks. I wanna go to Ireland;
        – For the great Gaels of Ireland
        Are the men that God made mad
        For all their wars are merry
        And all their songs sad.
        Would have been happy to fight in their wars; at least it would’ve had a honorable cause.

      • I can’t see myself fighting for this country.
        Although I suppose I am, every time I give a taxi hell, or do my blog – maybe I’m doing something to make it better.

  2. I find it quite hilarious that it took no longer than 24 hours for the government to speak out about the FNB adverts that are “treacherous” yet these riots have been tearing Sasolburg apart for the past week and not one word has come from the service delivery kings.

    As far as I’m concerned these idiots that are destroying everything in the name of protest are really just showing what they’re all about. Destruction, damage, theft and chaos. God help us all!

    • I have to wonder where it will end.
      Looking at the rest of Africa, probably very badly. Then again, the whole world’s eyes are on South Africa, so maybe not.
      Which just means that we will limp along like this for the foreseeable future.

    • This was my exact thought too, nosferato. The ANC are very quick to jump up and down when they perceive they’re being criticised, but stay silent on the really big and serious issues. A hopeless situation for sure. šŸ˜¦

    • I don’t suppose anybody would want to if they don’t really have to.
      Me, and many like we, don’t really have a choice, so we’ll have to suck it up. Either that, or also try and get out.
      But even that makes me angry – why should I be chased away from MY country because the rest of the population behaves like cretins?

      • Believe me, I do!
        So much so that I’ve stopped having anything voluntarily to do with the news – I can’t believe that people watching and seeing this STILL think it’s a good thing.
        Then again, who needs service delivery if you’re free…

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