I’m not doing the DP thing today. Too much work thinking of a skill that I’d want to excel at. Lots I want to be able to do, but I’ll be happy just being able to do them – being the best at something takes much more perseverance and self-control than I can lay my hand on at any given day 😉

I’m lazy, I know.

So, I decided to give you these 2 songs. Same tune. Different artists. Different styles. I prefer the second one – just loved that band!! But the Rosemary Clooney one is not too bad – it just depends on your taste really.

Maybe. One day. I’ll meet my very own lover man, and recognise him by the carnation in his top pocket – because he’ll be wearing something other than jeans and tekkies and a two tone shirt! And tekkies, for everybody NOT currently residing in South Africa, is the thing everybody calls sneakers or gym shoes everywhere else in the known world. 



bond. James Bond


life alert




18 comments on “Loverman…

  1. You’d soon get sick of the time it takes these suavely suited types to get undressed. Khaki shirt and shorts are so much easier, and you can find an ou with real class and veldskoens in place of the takkies.

    • I’m less interested in the undressing than the brain Col. Hopefully there aome connotation to the dress sense and the brain power. Then again, maybe not, can’t ever judge a book by it’s cover.
      I dunno – had my share of ou’s with their denim shorts and khaki shirts and effing crocs. Maybe time for some elegance. Or at least a man that dresses in clothes you don’t find at Cape Union Mart!!

  2. somebody wise – or not – once said that you should stop looking and the love you are seeking will arrive. Being a bit of an old cynic I feel I have to add that only somebody with a partner would have said something as bonkers as this!

    • I’m inclined to agree with you Ruth 😉
      If I did not go out looking, I’d never meet anybody – I never go anywhere, so no chance meetings.
      Not that I’m all that actively looking in any case – just making up time for the most part 😉
      Suppose one day the light will go on!!

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