I downloaded a few CD’s tonight.


Called “Playboy Jazz After Dark. Smoky jazz tunes. Slow rythms. Good for swaying in one place, clasped tight in the flavour of the evening’s arms. Might be the one you dearly love. The one you yearn for every day. The one that looked at you a certain way. Or just the one that had the guts to come and ask you to dance.

Tango Dancers


It evoked visions of a well set out room, sound system in a corner softly playing these tunes. Candles glittering on the mantelpiece or on a few side tables. Maybe a fire crackling in a grate somewhere. A glass or two of wine standing, forgotten…




It made me wonder if, in any of the men I meet, or ever will meet, will I find one that could listen to these tunes with me.

And have the same visions…



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