Mr Sensitive…

…the ridiculousness knows no bounds.

So. A while ago I pissed off a dude. Can’t really say why. Maybe it was because I said his issues, or non-issues with his ex was his problem and not mine. Whatever. So he ended the conversation.

I left it at that – never going to carry on trying to push myself in where I’m clearly not wanted.

Life went on, I’ve been chatting to people I’ve had on my contact list since just about forever – not as if I really need to pine and fade away because of one conversation that did not go as planned. In actual fact, I have a first meet tomorrow night. At the end of the month the plan is to go to the Blues Room in Sandton for yet another first meet. There are all manner of things I can do, not to mention people that actualy LIKES me asking questions and making off colour remarks.

Not to mentiong the fact that I can quite happily stay at home, never bothering, or being bothered by anybody, let alone a random dude!

Here I am, checking my mail while waiting for the eldest to appear, and there’s this message From Mr Sensitive himself. “Miss you” he reckons. Now what on earth do I say to that? You curled your g string in a right knot a while ago, and now you miss me? Now you’re mad about me and want to see me? And if I ask you why, you reckon I want to ask questions about everything?

Well, yes I do. I ask questions.

And just because you’re bored at work on a rainy Sunday afternoon, does not mean I will be quite as receptive of your advances as I might have been had you just answered my questions. In actual fact. People that avoid answering questions make the warning bells ring loud and clear. I’ll meet you – even if just to make it clear to you that we’re clearly not all that well matched. but it will be in a very public place, during daylight. And I will meet you there, and I will come home afterwards. After I’ve pissed you off to such an extent that you will hate me.

This I can do very well.

Since I can’t see that I should bother with people that blows hot and cold. That gives me two and three word sentences. For whom a conversation is harder work than it should be when speaking to somebody you like.

Oh well.

He’s just another dude. Just another reason I generalise as much as I do.

Clearly I have not met the exception to the rule just yet…

Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

PS – love this tune 😉


12 comments on “Mr Sensitive…

  1. You question me : Are you married?
    Me: Yes
    You :Are you interested in a relationship?
    Me: NO!
    You: Are you interested in friendship?
    Me; YES

    And ag man, this can go on for ages. Just enjoy what you are doing and if dudes make apes of themselves just laugh.

  2. “That’s life, that’s what people say.
    You’re riding high in April,
    Shot down in May.
    But I know I’m gonna change their tune,
    When I’m right back on top in June.”

    This ‘Frank Sinatra’ song came to mind as I was reading…!
    However, Ghia; you are a girl who likes a challenge..! 😉 Wouldn’t surprise me what happens next meet… Haha, girl; enjoy…! 😉

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