What a Saturday!!!


Let me start with the movie. The Hobbit. I’ve read the book. A few times. I’m gonna have to read it again, because I can’t see where they got almost 3 hours worth of stuff from, and still not be done with it!

I love LOTR. Read the book a few times, read the hobbit for the first time almost 20 years ago. Am I right in saying the Goblin cleaver and Sting was not found in an troll hole, but a burrow? Of long dead and buried soldiers? I can’t remember the Brown wizard ever meeting with Gandalf, I think he sent a message with some or other animal. I can’t remember – will have to read the book again to make sure. And I also think how Bilbo came across Gollum was not quite as it was portrayed in the movie.

But so long? How long can they drag this quest? The book was a tenth of the LOTR trilogy. A little thing Tolkien wrote to probably pass the time. From whence LOTR probably flowed. I thought it would be over in one movie. Seems I was mistaken. Now for yet another money making effort from those people, more special effect because the actors are getting on in years, Gandalf being one of them.  LOVED the Dwarf King though – now that’s a man I can see myself taking home ;-). No matter that he’s a short shit – they’re all the same length lying down 🙂

In closing. I liked the movie. The 3 D thing had me duck a few times. Bilbo was very believable. Gollem’s split personality was portrayed masterfully by his facial expressions. The Pale Orc was evil personified – a villian you would like to see ripped to pieces. The only thing I could really find wrong with it was that it was way too long. I get antsy after having to sit still for more than 2 hours at a time. But I will go and see the inevitable sequel.

Then the aftermath. Stood talking to sister for a while after the movie, and when I got back to my car, one of the trolley guys told me my front tyre was a bit flat. So, out I get in the rain, opened the boot, got the spare wheel and stuff. I’m a cynical bastard – 2 guys offered to help. I kept on saying no, it’s allright. I can’t pay you for the help. They insisted that it was not necessary to pay them, so I let them get on with it. Black guys. All the white guys safe with their families in their cars. Spare is also flat. Put the original tyre back on again, and hied myself off to the garage to have it pumped. Hair soaking wet by that time, but it’s just hair, I’m on my way home. So, tomorrow, when the one kid is here, I will jack up the car and test the tyre – to see if it’s a slow puncture and what, if anything, I can do to fix it. there goes my vision of having my teeth fixed at the end of this month. Car is more important than tyres. FML.

On getting home, I asked the Porra how his visit with his kids went. He went to Newcastle to speak to them. The youngest still won’t talk to him, but he’s spoken to the eldest. Turns out his brats are quite mercenary – apparently the ex told them that they will have to get rid of DSTV and the internet, that they will not get their mobile upgrades because there’s no money and that dad has not paid their allowances. Allrighty then. So I said to him that they were mercenary little buggers. Maybe not the best thing to say, but it’s nothing if not the truth! If these kids only know how easy they’ve got it!! I suppose the latest round of rugrats are being brought up quite differently from me and my own rugrats, but really. My kids managed very well without any of those things when they were growing up. No internet. No DSTV. No cellphones, unless it was somebody else’s cast offs. Allowances? Don’t be silly!! They had food to eat, and clothes to wear. And mom that loved them. More than that, no kid really needs. So. Am I wrong in thinking that those kids already see dad as a wallet? That, if they get so upset at losing a few privileges, there might still be some tree bending to be done? The Porra’s problem though. Would like to see what the little tykes will do should dad lose his very lucrative job. Then they’lll really be up shit creek without a paddle. Thank Heavens I’m out of that though.

And thank Heavens my kids are big. I don’t have to deal with this kind of stuff anymore. I’ve done my job as best I could and it’s over now. Of course I made mistakes – who does not? They’re not perfect by any means. But I’m not ashamed of their values and morals, and their ability to make ends meet. And that’s all any parent can ask for.

And since it’s Saturday, and I once again don’t have anything or anybody to do tonight, I’ll be getting into a hot bath in the company of Eleanor Moore, cool tunes and a sizzling book!

Enjoy your Saturday evening peeps!


17 comments on “What a Saturday!!!

  1. Glad you enjoyed the movie. That’s as long as Les Mis! I find that movies don’t stay true to the book. They love to string it out and pad it up too much.
    I agree that kids today are way too mercenary, and I do blame the parents. They are encouraged to want new stuff all the time. My DiL thought it was cute when she was on the internet shopping for Christmas presents, and the 3-year-old, after pointing out several things she wanted, whined, “I’m too tired to point; you choose.” 😦
    Enjoy your evening. It sounds ideal. 🙂

    • I have to wonder why people don’t see anything wrong in the mercenary way they’re raising kids? Don’t the parents have to work for their money? Should they not teach those values to their kids? I dunno – can’t see it as a good thing if our children are not being taught how life actually works.
      I think I can make an exception for Les mis – I mean, Mr Jackman is worth spending time with!! We’ll make it a ladies night – me, mom and sis. Let the men worry about the kids!
      Enjoy your afternoon AD 😉

      • It pains me to see the gay abandon with which hard-earned money is just frittered away, but what can I do? 😕 Three hours with Hugh Jackman, has to be time well spent. 😉

    • I admit, I do sometimes miss the kids.
      But never enough to beg them to come home 😉
      I’ve earned my rest – I’m enjoying every single second of it!!

  2. I almost died reading LOTR, it was a painful experience. 😯
    I see kids that are 8, 9 years old walking around with their fingers stuck to a phone, it’s terrible. You can take away my tv and I should still be able to survive without my phone but if you take away my Internet, I can assure you, I will go insane 😉

    • LOTR is not something everybody can read – either you like it or you don’t. That’s exactly the kind of stuff I read, so I lapped it up 😉
      You know, until 4 years ago, I did not have internet at home. Did not even have a laptop, could not be bothered.
      now, I’ll struggle I suppose, but really, done without before, can again.
      It’s a generation thing i suppose. All the stuff you think you can’t live without, I grew up without and managed quite well 😉 And so did my boys, and they’re still fine 😉
      You would be too for certain!

      • My generation isn’t that bad… We still played outside and weren’t glued to the TV or TV games 24/7.
        We got Internet before I got a phone and frankly I’d much rather have Internet and be able to interact with people like this than have a phone where I’m supposed to be reachable at all times of the day

      • Only reason my kids were not glued to the TV and games is because I refused to spend money on crap 😉
        But yes, the web has broadened my life considerably 😉

  3. Didn’t want to say (in my last comment re The Hobbit) that it was sooooooo long. That was probably my only gripe (not having read the book). However, as you say, it was worth a look, and I’ll visit with the sequels; even if only to say I saw them. In the main though, I enjoyed it…! I absolutely love Gollum; I believe he’s portrayed incredibly well….

  4. Interesting preview! Thanks. Does it demonstate that old Hobbits die hard, or what happens if you get into bad ones? 🙂
    Kids tend to do the mercenary thing at a very early age, and become extremely skilled at it.

    • The movie was great Col, even if slightly long winded – but well worth the watch 😉
      No Hobbits that I thought worth the effort of getting into though 🙂
      as for kids, I have a slight problem with kids that has more gadgets than I do 😉

  5. I still have to read The Silmarillion (spelling?). I love LOTR. Hopefully I can one day see the Hobbit movie!

    • Have not read that myself – will have to look out for it.
      I’m sure it will come to a video store near you in the not too distant future.
      Barring that, there’s always Kalahari.net 😉

  6. I’ve had the book for years but haven’t read it yet nor seen the movie. So many books and so little time.
    I believe kids need to build a little character–see how the other half lives to appreciate what life is all about.

    • I tend to forego things like cooking and cleaning to be able to read 😉
      As for kids, they SHOULD see how the other half lives, where money really comes from, but many parents never say NO to the little blighters!!

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