The Daily prompt tells me I should toot my horn…

Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

Yes well. What to say to this?

What would my favourite aspect of myself be?

The fact that I’ve raised 2 boys, basically singlehandedly, into relatively decent, unspoilt, somewhat well mannered young men? Nope, that was my job, and I did it as best I could.

The fact that I seem to attract the sick, lame and lazy, having to listen to all their troubles, because I’m a good listener? Nope. That’s just a hassle.

The fact that I can read in excess of 450 words per minute? Nope, that’s just because I read so much. I mean, I have to read fast, otherwise I’d get nothing else done!!

The fact that all manner of men find me quite hot? Nope, that’s REALLY a hassle! Because, once I open my mouth and start talking, I’m not so hot anymore 😉

My naturally curly hair? Nope – that’s a bitch on rainy days, or on hot days, or on windy days – it’s just a bitch most of the time.

My well formed calves? Nope – I can’t ever buy cute boots – nothing fits over a well formed calve, other than stockings. Which is quite nice I have to admit, so maybe not that much of an issue.

In closing.

I have to say my favourite part of myself would be my shiny blue eyes, perfectly formed brows and my left big toe.

Oh yes, and actually the fact that I’m not ashamed to be seen with any of my 2 boys 😉

Of course, everything here was written with my tongue firmly in my cheek – I’m not half bad, I know 😉





10 comments on “Tooting.

    • 😉
      It never gives me hassles like the right big toe does 😉
      all just silliness though – I prefer being self-deprecating – it’s more fun 😉

  1. You don’t think you should have answered this one by saying how nearly impossible it was with all your perfect aspects? But finally deciding to plump for your becoming modesty as the favourite. 🙂

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