This song…

…just started playing.

Have no idea where I got it from.

But man, it’s grabbed me for some or other reason.

It sounds kind of like the tunes I used to dance to back in the day. Feels as if my body remembers the beat, the moves, the emotions invoked by it. And this makes me sound like The Architect!

Makes me think of gliding around the dance floor in the arms of a master. Being lifted and twirled until I’m out of breath, but laughing from sheer exhuberance. A dark dance hall, dim bodies around the place, each with their own moves, own reasons for being there. My feet moving along as if by magic, not even exhaustion can stop the movement. It just is. It just happens. No mistakes, no wrong moves.

Just music. Flowing through you, becoming one with you. And your body giving movement to sound…

What can I say. I love dancing. And I miss it!!


12 comments on “This song…

      • It has indeed been taken off – I already let 702 have my 2c worth on that matter.
        I will not listen to them ever again – and I told them that in no uncertain terms.
        Called them stupid and buckling under pressure 😉
        You have no idea how angry I was when I got that news!

  1. I would LOVE to learn how to do some fancy dances, preferably S-American. I like dancing too – very much – but can’t do anything ‘formal’ not even the two-step!

    • Oh man!!!
      Dancing is the most fun you can possibly have while being upright 😉
      I miss doing ballroom so much – and the Samba and tango is my favs 😉

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