It’s Monday

And everything’s back to normal.

Robots dead. Long lines of cars standing everywhere. Highway full of people.

I was thinking this morning. It took them 2 years of working on that highway, and it’s still a screw-up. But now we should pay for the privelidge of driving on that screw up?

And the bloody Porra!!! If he was a useless boyfriend, he’s an even more useless friend!!! He invited me to go see The Hobbit, last year already. Then the infernal kids came for the holidays and it all just fizzled out – as everything does once “the boys” are there. Par for that particular course I’m afraid. This morning on FB, I commented on one of his comments, reminding him about the movie he promised we will go see. Kind of in a joke, probably trying to get him to feel bad for not keeping his promise. Which he duly feels. Sends me this list of times and days I can choose to go watch the movie – would have loved to include the Friday or the Saturday, but the boys are coming for the weekend…

I saw bloody red!!! If I did not say anything about the effing movie, he would not even have given it a second thought. As it is, he was alone at home this weekend, as was I. Now that he’s all fired up to do what he promised because it’s his duty as a man or whatever shit he’s thinking, I have to jump and go watch a 3 hour movie during the week?

All might have been saved had he not mentioned the infernal kids visit. And I know I’m seriously petty here. But really. How many times must I tell him I will not be treated like an afterthought? He sends me a message, I know you’re disappointed. I answered him, yes C, I am. In you. I’m not worried about a stupid movie!! Don’t care if I never see it. Don’t even care that he made a suggestion way back when that neither of us took seriously at the time.

I will take exception to being treated like some second rate human being, only good enough when all cats have been washed and teeth pulled and toenails clipped.

Damn!!! That pisses me off! Irrationally so, this I realise. I mean, nobody can give anybody else attention every minute of every day. Not what I want in any case. What I would prefer is not to be kept in the back of your head, to be taken out when, and only when, you’re not busy with anything else.

Effing stupid man!!

Then again.

He’s a man. That I know. Very well.

Think I should change to females – at least our bits match πŸ˜‰


24 comments on “It’s Monday

    • Must be Monday I can’t spell πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ so repeat ask him why he does not want to share boys time with you. Check his reply it could be revealing a lot of the unknown.

      • He will NEVER let Delilah meet his darling little boys H!!!
        I’m the devil’s spawn or something.
        Nope, really. Screw him and his precious little effing boys – they can all fly off to frikkin the sun for all I care!!

  1. You’re not being petty, Ghia. I was in a similar situation & I know how you feel. In my case, I had to take a backseat AFTER I had already made considerable sacrifices re my relationship with my OWN kids. So I was possibly even more pissed off than you are. The result of that relationship: turned out to be a dud in more ways than one anyway.

    • As I said, he was a useless bf, and an even more useless friend.
      I know this now – don’t even know why it pisses me off so much, I mean I have no vested interest in this man.
      Still. I don’t care who you are – Nobody puts Baby in the corner!!!

  2. Like your previous post, you would like to be thought of first once in a while. . . No F-ing way, all the time. That makes the bf real! I understand your anger . . . F the nutcase. Excuse my French letters πŸ˜‰ I can’t help it… Thinking of you!!

  3. What a headache. On my end, I’ve been having fun planning excursions with the ladies—much easier to plan and I get to do what actually interests ME. Have you given the ladies a go? I’ve found my lady friends pretty reliable too.

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