Odious toads.

Slimy slitherers.

It would seem that there’s a new scam running.

On dating sites.

Twice now, I was approached by somebody on the site. One looked like a decent prospect, the other one did not have a picture – just of a dog.

Then the e mails started.

Long, rambling missives about their lives and how they are in the states at the moment, but will be finishing whatever they’re busy with, to retire and wanting to settle in SA. All about love, and having seen something in my face or some such shit. The language was not what I would have expected from somebody that’s been living in the States all their lives, regardless of how bad the education system was. Maybe I was wrong, maybe that’s the way men speak in the States. I doubt it though.

Lucky for me, I’m of the more intelligent persuasion, and can smell a rat from a goodly distance – apparently even over cyber space. So I have not been plagued since.

What I would like to know though is WHY? Why would you pick a woman from a dating site and try and use her for your own gain? What do you hope to gain from something like that? A flight ticket? An exotic holiday? A place to stay while you suck the woman dry? Are you actually looking for actual romance across the world?

Why do this?

Why tell somebody what they might like to hear, have them reciprocate and be a hoax?

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Do the lonely people on dating sites all over the world now have to deal with these charlatains too? People that is unscrupulous enough to use their loneliness against them. people that does not hesitate to use the already vulnerable for their own gain? Or whatever nefarious reasons they have for picking whoever they pick. As if the usual bunch of frogs is not enough, you have to seperate the top scum from the bottom scum!!

In all the years I’ve been on dating sites this is actually the first time this has happened.

They did not catch me, but how many other women do they catch? how many seriously lonely, depressed and thrown away women fall for these stories, accept them at face value and do what they can to find somebody to love?

How dare they prey on the weak and vulnerable!

And more so. How dare they think me so sad and lonely that I will fall for everything a pretty face tells me?

Apparently the dating game just got a lot worse…



18 comments on “Pondscum.

  1. Awful!! I’m glad they didn’t catch you. Not that it would stop them from making another account, but could you report them to the dsting site? They might be able to crack down on it somehow?

    • Oh believe me I’m going to.
      It’s so disappointing to know that even here, the last resort, you have to look out, not just for the usual assholes, but those of criminal intent!

  2. I have been on and off dating sites for the past year and I must admit, the moment the “person” is not in the country….BS detector goes on HIGH. They will always prey on older women, preferably widows, they think we are rich. There stories get more and more elaborate….undying love…constantly chatting, normally on g chat or yahoo messenger. There are tons of them out there, Carte Blanche has actually done a programme on these scammers. I have never been taken, in fact my friend and I used to chat these idiots up for fun and sit and giggle like loons behind my laptop!!!
    On the other hand, I have made many friends through dating sites, and had the good fortune to fall in love with one of them. The good fortune is that he feels the same and we are planning on getting married. The irony is that he lives 10km away from me, his brother was friends with my late husband…we had actually met before about 10 years ago. He remembered me…
    So there is good and bad, just keep your BS detectors on.

    • Always good and bad in any situation Mik, I know.
      I’ve also made a few friends with some of the guys I’ve met on dating sites.
      As for your guy – 10km’s is not that far! If you guys get married, it’s just a question of who’s stuff will fit in better where πŸ˜‰
      Or, rent out both houses and get something together – that’s what I would suggest. Never let go of equity.
      I’m really happy for you πŸ˜‰

      • We have already planned it, we are going to start looking in June, both our leases expire in August and then we will set up home together. And yes we have WAY too much furniture…4 lounge suites to start with!!! πŸ™‚

      • Gumtree here we come!!!
        Maybe you should get rid of everything but the family heirlooms and get new things to celebrate your new life with.
        Like new lounge stuff, new tv, new cd cases – just so you don’t drag the old life with you everywhere you go.
        I can’t imagine what I would do if I had to get married again… Luckily that point is not going to arise anytime soon πŸ˜‰

  3. Unscrupulous people – yes. Peipole who would intentionally use you and your loneliness / weaknesses for their own gain – yes. And not only on dating sites.

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