Impending storm


The wind has changed.

The last rays of the boiling sun, sinking below the horizon.

No place for it in the sky filled with roiling, boiling clouds.

The slight breeze picking up to form a solidness to the hitherto lacklustre fluff in the sky.

Herding them like a dog would his sheep.

Pacing them across the sky until enough energy has built up.


The sun-bright day waning into the slightly sinister grey of the impending storm.

Slight relief from the heat given by the wind blowing.

Cooling the sweat on your brow.

Curtains billowing from the gusts, leaves rustling in the trees.

The wind smells of water.

Of life.

Of the impending storm…



Β©All pictures and text 68ghia 2013


22 comments on “Impending storm

    • it would seem I spoke to soon…
      Wind still blowing, not as cold anymore, but no water fell whatsoever.
      Not yet in any case – maybe later tonight…

      • I’ve always wanted to experience a really cold winter. Where you wake up with cold weather and it stays cold enough during the day to keep on your jersey and boots.
        Here you’re very cold in the morning, but my midday you have to start taking things off πŸ˜‰

    • We were talking about Durbs by the sea today. The humidity there would kill me – up here we’re more used to dry heat, not all this moisture in the air.
      A good highveld thunderstorm – nothing like it πŸ˜‰

  1. Jaz and 68ghia – come on over to Seattle, Washington, USA. We use the rain to keep others from discovering us. Gorgeous green year around; seasons – all of ’em, but only the best of each. 68ghia – I guarantee you, you would feel the cold immediately if only because you are so accustomed to warmth. It will be low 20s tonight, but clear skies, no snow with lots of sun domani! I loved the pictures. And I love a good storm.

    • Careful with the invites P πŸ˜‰
      I’ve been thinking of how to kill many birds with one stone – how to visit all my friends in the States and see the borealis in Canada with only one trip πŸ™‚
      I’m sure I’ll have my fill of winter by the time I get back home, but I’m sure I’ll love wearing big boots and thick, handknitted sweaters, scarves and carry an umbrella always πŸ˜‰

      • No umbrella here. The two items we lose most are umbrellas and sunglasses…. I learned really quick that a parka with hood was all I needed – and maybe some nice silk long underwear. The rain here always sounds strong but when it lands on you is a soft kiss. Oddest thing….

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