Monday morning.

And everything will be back to normal today.

Everybody back at work. Thousands of cars on the roads. Many phone calls. In other words, life as per usual. Can’t say I look forward to it though. Spoke to a dude yesterday that’s glad everything’s opening again tomorrow. Then he can check the JSE again, and all kinds of stuff – he has money you see, so he does not have to struggle in traffic going to work and back. Think the only time he has issues with any kind of traffic is when he has an early tee-off time at some golf course or other.

Ah, the life of the independantly wealthy 😉

Have to say, should I ever be in that position, I don’t think golf will be very high on the cards. One has to do something though – wonder what I will find to keep myself occupied with if I did not have to slog to work and back every day. Will I really spend all my time sitting in spa’s and nail salons and hairdressers or mauls?  Don’t actually think so. Think I’ll go on a whole bunch of courses. Learn how to do pottery, get my own wheel. Learn how to blow glass and work with wrought iron. Maybe go back to varsity and do a degree in Mythology.

Alas. Since I’m still a working stiff, it’s off to work I go – like many millions of other people around the world. Can’t all be rich – who will do the work?

Hope today is a good one folks!!

Dead Mule

A preacher went to his church office on Monday morning and discovered a
dead mule (jackass to the knowing) in the church yard.  He called the
police.  Since there did not appear to be any foul play, the police
referred the preacher to the health department.

They said since there was no health threat that he should call the
sanitation department.

The sanitation manager said he could not pick up the mule without
authorization from the mayor.

Now, the preacher knew the mayor, and was not to eager to call him.  The
mayor had a bad temper and was generally hard to deal with, but the
preacher called him anyway.

The mayor did not disappoint.  He immediately began to rant and rave at
the pastor and finally said, “Why did you call me anyway?  Isn’t it your
job to bury the dead?”

The preacher paused for a brief prayer and asked the Lord to direct his
response.  He was led to say, “Yes, Mayor, it is my job to bury the dead,
but I always like to notify the next of kin first!”


14 comments on “Monday morning.

  1. “Think I’ll go on a whole bunch of courses. Learn how to do pottery, get my own wheel. Learn how to blow glass and work with wrought iron. Maybe go back to varsity and do a degree in Mythology.”

    Well, there you go! That’s where you’ll meet your new mate. And, if not, new hobbies.

    • I can do without all these people, but I suppose there’s nothing for it.
      Just have to suck it up and a few weeks down the line it would be as if December never was…

  2. Well, the people I don’t mind. They come and go, briefly talks to you, being really friendly on the contrary, but in the end they go. Good thing you have chapters in books. I love Mythology!!

    • it seems like an all-consuming sport – have no idea why though!
      Could never see the sense in walking behind a little ball and hitting it further away every time 😉

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