You can never…

…take the mom out of yourself 😉

Was just commenting on a young man’s blog. Teaching him blogging etiquette, since I could have been his mom, and it’s sort of ingrained in my being. Almost like being a teacher. You’re always teaching young things what they should know 😉

And then I thought about what happened on Friday evening.

I went to a club. Big people only. No snot nosed rug rats anywhere.

So we’re dancing and drinking and fiddling – as one is wont to do.

They have these two young guys there, supposedly for eye candy, wearing basically jockeys and a tie. Really don’t know why – personally I like a bit of muscle on a man. And even though a young man’s skin is soft, his skin is just that. Soft 😉 Prefer a guy that’s grown into his shape already…


Somebody breaks a glass. And it’s the young men’s job to clean up the mess.

I’m standing there, watching this whole thing. Here comes the young man in question with his bare feet, heading straight for the spill with his mop and bucket – now does that not take me back !!

Anyhow. I see this and I immediately tell the young man to go put on some shoes. he was probably seriously embarassed. I mean who wants an old lady to tell you to go put on your shoes in a club. The more i think about it, the more I have to laugh about it 😉

Oh deary me.

Just goes to show, even in a club, you’re still a mom 😉


And now for something completely different!!

I’m on about 3000 words with my novel. Did not go as smoothly tonight as it did when I started, but I still managed to get at least a 1000 words down.

And, while I’ve been doing this, I’ve been accompanied by Mr Brubeck. Long may his music endure…


and now for some flu meds, and bed with Mr Pratchett – the best company!

Long days and pleasant nights.


19 comments on “You can never…

    • poor kid 😉
      But I could not let him do that – could already see the blood running all over the place 🙂 And his mom was not around to look after him!!

      • You highlight a bit of text – say The Daily Post. Then you go to the top of your screen where there’s a link and a unlink button – looks like the infinity sign. You click on the whole one. A box appears and you copy and past the URL from the daily post blog into the text box. Close it up and bob’s your aunt – pingback done 😉

    • That’s the thing about being a mom – you can usually find at least a little more energy to look after all your kids – adopted and real 😉
      so, not to worry chickpea – more than enough of me to go around – in more ways than one 🙂

    • Somebody has to, not matter how embarassing 😉
      as for the flu symptoms, I think it’s either URTI or a streptococ of some kind – throat is not enjoying swallowing. Cold liquids for me today it would seem.

  1. Hello blog mum… Oh no, you can’t be my blog mum; you’re not ‘old enough’…
    Anyway, I’ll settle for friend… haha 😉
    I agree with you… I like a man when he’s done with the baby thing and he’s settling into his adult body.. Oh, I’d better not think about it too much… I may start salivating..;)
    Happy New Year…!

    • Friend I can do 😉
      Good to have you back Carol – hope the break did you a world of good!!
      As for the man – Aus’s biggest export since Men at Work and INXS, Mr Jackman – now THAT is a MAN!!
      Happy New Year to you too 😉

      • Oh, I’m in luv…….!
        One of the highlights of the past little while holidaying was seeing ‘Les Mis’ starring; you know, that incredible bloke… Hugh…. 😉

        Yes, it’s been lovely not doing too much; just relaxing, visiting, not having to entertain… (we’ve been being entertained)… so spoiled.
        Good to see you…! 🙂

      • Being entertained is always a good thing 😉
        Mom has booked me to go see Les Mis as soon as it opens here – think it should be somewhere in this month still. After the reviews, I’m getting exited to go see it.
        Glad you enjoyed the time off. Now it’s almost back to normal, eh 😉

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