Well, yesterday the baby chick came home to roost and lick his wounds. Poor kid was on holiday with a bunch of young kids, and it did not go as well as they thought is should. Sounds as if the rest of them enjoyed the holiday what with all the drinking and smoking weed, but, since the baby chick is like his mother in that regards, he was the odd one out, and that’s never fun. Was an expensive lesson, both in money and emotional distress, but, as I said, some things just have to be learned the hard way.

So, we had a bit of a braai last night, and watched movies. The latest Batman and a Jason Statham movie – Safe. What gore!!! Heavens! Megalomaniacs are such single minded people, not so? And in Safe, all the Chinks and the Russians and the Police department shooting everything that moves, regardless of side – weird. Although – did get to see Mr Statham shirtless, and that’s always a good thing ;-)He seems to be following Β in the footsteps of Bruce Willis ans Stephen Segal, but with better results than Mr Segal I would think. there’s only one Bruce WIllis πŸ˜‰

Traffic has been getting steadily worse since Monday. More people on the road. I suppose by Monday everything will be back to where we left off 3 weeks ago. Not that I’m looking forward to having all these asswipes back on the road again – puts a damper on any day having to spend time with these cretins on the road. Don’t suppose there’s anything for it though – just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Felt the throat scratch yesterday. Not a good thing to feel. Hopefully the meds I took last night will help a bit, but I suppose I’ll have to go and get more stuff tonight. Colds never seem to go away when you want them to. I might be lucky and it will pass soon, or just fade away.

And last, but not least, I decided to try my hand at novel writing. Sarah from sarahpotterwrites has this whole novel writing winter thing going on. Not that I’m in winter, but nothing’s stopping me from trying to squeeze out 50-60 k words about a topic close to my heart πŸ˜‰ i’m not sharing anything of the story, just that I’m writing it, and hopefully, but the end of three months, I’ll have a workable manuscript. Who knows, I might just be writing the next shady book, although, I think I’ll have a spot of trouble with writing the “scenes” and since it’s a love story, I suppose it will have to contain scenes of that ilk. Like I read in another blog – these days, as in the the 70’s, it’s a question of when you want sex, not if!

Oh well. Maybe writing it all out of my system will prove as cathartic as Sarah implied, and I can finally move forward with my so called life.

Hope the first few days of the New Year has been treating you well.

Long days and pleasant nights to all.


10 comments on “Home

    • Not so much ambitious as completions H – it’s been in the back of my mind for ages – just needed the right impetus to get it out there.
      Thanks for the luck – I’ll need it!!

  1. It’s horrible when you go on holiday with people who don’t have the same idea of fun as you do. At least he knows now.
    And how can you not share the story? That’s evil! πŸ˜‰ good luck for it though

    • Schoolfees – such is life πŸ˜‰
      As for the novel – never a good idea to share your work – it kind of detracts from the whole thing.
      I might put it in a drawer and forget about it, but at least it will have been written πŸ˜‰

    • Just the shady scenes Esperanza πŸ˜‰
      But thanks, I’ll need all the luck I can get πŸ™‚
      I’ve probably read millions of them, but I’ve never been able to write one like that πŸ˜‰ Feels super silly!!

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