Those we take. And those we don’t.

A while ago, I posted a status update on FB to the tune of – “Why should I take a chance on you, if you won’t take a chance on me?”

The reason I posted that was because one of my randoms just kept on with his inanity. The usual. A man, at least the men in my physical experience, will say and do ANYTHING to get laid.

Constant messages. E mails morning, noon and night. I’m not like all the other men you know. Don’t compare me with anybody else. I’m different.

And you look at this person, and you know he’s talking a heap of utter, steaming turkey shit.

So, you get told to take a chance on them. Because they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Hence, the reason for the FB status update.

So, one of my buddies comments – If you’re just an option, don’t. But sometimes you need to jump.

And the Porra picks up the thread. All about no expectations, can’t get hurt that way, but you can still have an awesome time.

Agreed. As long as you don’t expect a phone call afterwards, or even a message the next day, you will never be hurt. Or will you? Do you look at yourself in the mirror, and KNOW you did the wrong thing? Do you sit with the regret afterwards?

Yes, you invariably do.

As much fun as could be had, if somebody else tells you to take a chance on them, purely because they want something from you, just don’t even bother. Since you will be the only one taking a chance. With your health, your emotional well-being, your psyche.

On the other hand though. If you take a chance and do a bungee, you are the one benefiting from that experience. Nobody else. You’re not doing it to prove anything, or because somebody else wants to get into your pants. you’re doing it because you want the experience. And the photo’s of you throwing up afterwards.

That’s the kind of chance I can see myself take. Or maybe, have a tongue ring inserted. Get another tattoo, another piercing.

So sure. Sleep with every random that reckons you should take a chance on them – as I said, if I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that line, I’d be a rich woman! It seems a tried and tested method of guilting a woman into being wanked with. Because he does not crave you, or your body, or your mind, your smell, your voice, your skin. He wants a soft place to fall into, and will get to that place by any means necessary. And the more you say no, the more they seem to think you’re playing hard to get. Trying to be polite about the whole thing just does not cut any mustard. They don’t hear you. Come up with all kinds of things, all in the guise of being interested in you, liking your company, enjoying your personality.

I have to say. I’m getting less and less polite about the whole matter. More and more abrubt and condescending. Becoming a difficult person to please. And why? Be cause dudes seem to insist on seeing any and every woman as his personal plaything. And seeing as they’re not quite that worried about my sensibilities as a person, why on earth should I care for their sensibilities? Then again, I’ve been brought up better than that.

I suppose the merry-go-round will continue. it always does in the battle of the sexes.

I’m fishing in a different pond though. Maybe something worthwhile will come of it.

If not, well, then I suppose I will have to leave it to chance or fate, or serendipity to either find me something decent, or help me accept that it’s just not meant to be.


15 comments on “Chances.

  1. Hear hear…. I’ve decided to become an invalid who obsesses over words and all kinds of research!! Let Serendipity brush her hair and decide for my benefit, like you said…. xx

    • It’s a difficult thing – to leave well enough alone 😉
      Seems that it is something I’m not cut out to be, but hey. I might just one day meet the exception tot he rule – anything’s possible!!

  2. “take a chance on me” and “Trust me” must be two of the most overused phrases on the planet, and oh so often you know not to do either – is that cynical of me?

  3. If one is female, and you two arms & two legs, one could have random sex every other night, I suppose. But at some point one asks oneself: why? And it gets boring. Then it’s time for somtehing else to enter the picture – like commitment, love and so on. So that one may have an “encounter” with another human being instead of just another sexual experience. That’s where I’m at now. And, as you said, Ghia, it can’t be forced. One needs luck, chance, serendipity….

    • Do you think you even need two arms and two legs?
      IT’s sort of getting out of hand – they’ll be the first to call you names, but they’ll also be the first to fall in should the chance present itself.
      Who knows what the hell’s potting…
      It would be such a wonderful change to meet a person and be able to look him in the face, to forge some kind of bond with him.

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