download (2)We all are, in one way or the other.

Wounded creatures, all of us.

Ever touched an abused dog? Felt how they involuntarily shake when contact is made? Saw how they cringe and hold their tail between their legs when a human approaches? Saw the fear in their eyes?

But also the hope, against all expectations. The carefully wagging tail. They are prepared to give you yet another chance to treat them with kindness. they want you to show them a different side than all the other sides they’ve experienced. They lie down, and hope that they won’t be kicked again.

They hope.

Animals are abused. They continue to hope that the abuse will end. I think it hardly ever does.

How many abused people are out there? imagesHow many of them have given up on other humans showing them the kindness of friendship? The patience of time. The willingness to work through the hurt, to see the sparkling human hiding behind all the thorns and masks and walls.

Is it not possible for any human to extend a hand to another, in the hope that they can, if not help, at least mitigate the circumstances?

How do you extend that hand though, if the only thing you encounter is a snarling, scared animal in a corner, not willing to see the kindness in the gesture, the faith in the human, the willingness to stroke and help? You do it again, and again. Until the animal trusts you enough to not bite the extended hand. Until he is comfortable with you in his personal space. Then you can enter freely and continue the healing.

If only it was that easy with humans. We continue to snarl. We continue to bite, and push away any extended hand.

Because nine times out of ten, you know that the human doing the extending has ulterior motives. You know, instinctively, that once they’ve reached their goal or achievement, they will be gone again. There’s no blind hope when you’re a human. Your experiences continues to influence your view. Urges you to not take that extended hand, in fear of being beaten down yet again.



Maybe, one day. Your instincts won’t scream at you to not take the hand.

Maybe, one day, your heart will allow you to accept the good that comes your way.

Maybe, one day, you will be a first thought instead of an afterthought.

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14 comments on “Wounded.

    • Suppose it all depends on my attitude towards it AD.
      I will change my attitude to serve the situation – might just work 😉
      Enjoy your day 🙂

  1. Some things cannot be healed. A complete betrayal of trust in a marriage, for example. That is like an eggshell broken. It can never be restored to what it was before.

  2. Wounded vision – we all have that, you’re right. In my experience you get people who acknowledge that and try to work with it, and those who don’t. The latter group consists of people who are always have to be “in the right” and will fight to remain “right” even if they have to hurt you to do that. They just have no ability to reflect on the possibility that it is humanly impossible to ALWAYS be right. Had a few such experiences and they were very damaging.

    • And so we try to live a life with bent wings and bruised souls – not an easy thing to do, even if you manage to get some semblance of a life together.
      A big reason why I usually avoid human contact as much as possible – just safer that way.

  3. Very much so, Beautiful Lady. I just believe that, and it’s the general philosophy, to stand up from the ashes like the Phoenix, and fly and be free and start over, hence time heals all wounds. In my experience, sulking for the best part of the year just never cuts it. There is this one hurt still in me I shun away from my conscious mind. I will never be able to think about it just like that. I am good at suppressing that memory, or any hurt. And staying secluded helps… All’s well that ends well, though..

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