This week has 2 Fridays, and had 2 Mondays – not often that happens, eh!!

Kind of screws up a person’s internal clock, all these public holidays.

By the end of next week, it will all be over for another year. Everybody back at work, making traffic the horrendous experience it invariably is. People harried, kids at school – such is life I suppose.

Yesterday, at work, the boss man brought his Ferrari from somewhere. After he came to work with the Porche Cayenne sedan. But usually he uses the Mercedes m class. One has to wonder where all that money comes from. I mean, one old man with 3 luxury cars. Why? He’s close to 70 – when does the need or want for owning flashy luxury vehicles end? Kind of incongruous seeing the old man behind the wheel of the bright red Fire Horse ;-). Then again, it’s usually the old men that has the money to afford these kind of cars. Might just be sour grapes – when I suggested he give me a spin in the car, he just laughed. And I was being dead serious!!

I think maybe some rich people get off on the idea of the great unwashed idolising their cars or houses. I often see luxury cars with very self-indulgent vanity plates, and I have to wonder why. I mean. You just have money. I’m sure you’re not the world’s best person? You’re just a rich person. Or a person with mountains of debt. What makes you so special? And that’s why, invariably, I ignore their obvious wealth, and insist on treating them like I would every other person. Your wealth does not frighten me. If anything, it makes me pity you because the chase of money is such that you tend to lose sight of things that might make life slightly less one track minded.

Stop and smell the roses every so often, why don’t you!

Mind you, I won’t say no to a few grand spare cash – need to get my stupid teeth sorted!! Now that’s a luxury item if you’ve ever thought of one!! Looks like I will have to save money – and not for a trip to go and see the Aurora, but to get a decent looking set of teeth – go figure! Such is the life of a working class person. Or at least this working class person 😉

Then again, it’s all good. I have actual time to park off on occasion. I don’t work all hours of the night and day, I have time to watch a movie or read a book. And I don’t need lots and lots of money to cover my needs in any case. What I don’t have, I probably don’t need. So says the person on an eternal quest to find a life sharer…


Time to start the day I suppose. Not long before the weekend dawns again, and this one will see me plant my very first post box 😉 Still have to figure out how to attach the actual post box to the pole it will be attached to – seems to be a strange bit of engineering going on there, but I’ll figure it out one way or the other. Or I’ll make another plan – that”s what Boere does!

Hope your day or afternoon or evening or whatever goes along swimmingly 😉


14 comments on “TGIF…

    • Oh, absolutely H.
      Personally, should I have buckets of money, I think I’d much rather have a classic car than anything new and shiny. But that’s just my way of thinking – prefer old things to new things 😉

  1. howdy ghia…cars just dont do it for me…..a landie is about the most spectacular thing that interests me as if i had tons of money id retire as far away from people as i could get……a ferrari is not much good on a mountain trail…..

    • I quite like cars – not to the exclusion of all else, but I have my dream automobiles.
      As for living in a place where you need a Landie, I think I’d prefer them being airlifted 😉 Or shipped in 😉
      Never cottoned on to the whole 4×4 thing.

    • Blossoming love letters – now that would make a welcome change from bills.
      Alas, I doubt that very much – the men I know are more the type that thinks a random whatsapp once a month is more than enough communication…

  2. I am so confused with the days of the week, public holidays really screw me over and the fact that I’m holiday as well doesn’t help! I guess I shouldn’t complain though hey 😉
    I’d love to get some sort of convertible one day, I absolutely LOVE the wind blowing in my hair. And I have to get a classic beetle and fix it up nicely

  3. “Your wealth does not frighten me. If anything, it makes me pity you because the chase of money is such that you tend to lose sight of things that might make life slightly less one track minded”.

    Here, here, I couldn’t have said it better 🙂

    • I suppose sometimes heaps of cash will be welcome. At other times, i’m sorta glad my whole life does not revolve around the making of money 😉
      Thanks Sarah!!

  4. Ghia, I’ve known very rich as well as very poor people. In my experience (and I’m not romanticizing poverty) very rich is very often worse, much worse for the soul. They can buy their way out of just about anything and that teaches them nothing about life. Not all rich people, but most – in my experience.

    • You got that right. There’s always an exception to any rule, and not all rich people are braggarts, and not all poor people are decent, clean people.
      What I do think is that I will have to change my mindset about money – if I take the Universal law into account, your thoughts become actions, and as such, my aversion to money might be the cause of my usual broke state 😉

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