I demand…

Well, not quite how the daily prompt goes, but quite how kids see things πŸ˜‰

Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it?

I had a relatively carefree childhood. Had both my parents, middle class family, not too much money, but we had enough to get by, have a holiday at the coast every December, holidays on my grandparents’ farm in the Western Transvaal. Christmas was always there.

Every year, we would all go down there, have a huge lunch, lots of presents, lots of family – such was Christmases past.

One year, I wanted one of these :Β 

I moaned and cajoled and begged and pleaded. In my defence, I was a teenager then πŸ˜‰

My parents always made a big hoo-haa about hiding our gifts and we would go on a kind of treasure hunt to get them.

Well, the year I wanted this camera, was the same. Our gifts were hidden and we had to go hunting for them. And I got a wooden jewelleryΒ case. Beautifully engraved, birds and things, with a little lock and clasp and everything.

Boy, was I pissed off!!! I made such a racket for not getting my camera! Did I not give them enough hints? Do they not listen to me? How many times must I tell them before they listened to me? I did not even bother taking it out from it’s hiding place, too pissed off at my parents to accept their gift.

After I was cajoled and spoken to and told to, I eventually took the box from it’s hiding place. And then I figured out how to open the lock. And what was inside?

Yes, my camera.

Well, yes. I felt slightly foolish. Being a spoilt young lady though, I can’t remember apologising for my atrocious behaviour.

I still have the jewellery box. My father helped me to make a tray and dividers so I can put more stuff in it. It still smells the way it did on the day I got it, still in perfect condition.

The camera?

Long since discarded.

Goes to show. Some of the things we think we want is not really all it’s cracked up to be.

But some of the things we do get stands the test of time.

And every time I open that jewellery case, and smell the years on it, I am reminded of being a very spoilt little girl, with a father that had the world’s own patience with his little princess.

Thanks Dad. Through a simple jewellery case you live on forever.



15 comments on “I demand…

  1. Classic that you actually got something to be more treasured!
    I am a nasty daddy. I would have said, ‘OK, if that’s how you feel I’ll just take it back.’ *grab* ‘Oh, by the way, what was to have been your camera is inside it, but I’ll take that over now!’

    • I would probably have followed your way Col πŸ˜‰
      My father though – he really was a man in a million, never to be replaced, or even gotten close to imitating.
      Huge shoes to fill, so I don’t even try πŸ˜‰

  2. I really enjoyed reading this story. I basically agree with everything colonialist said. If you don’t appreciate what I give you, you won’t get anything at all. However, I know that single moment when you don’t get that gift you wished for can be such a disappointment that you do things or behave a certain way which you might regret later. Can’t say I haven’t do the same in the past. Good to know that you still have that case, though.

    • When one is young, one does not take many things into consideration.
      I now, 30 odd years after the fact, realise that the case was much more valuable than the camera. at the time though – too young and too stupid to appreciate it. And way too spoilt!!
      Thankfully my father had a less harsh way of dealing with the little teenager issues, and instead of me thinking of him as an ogre, i can now appreciate the gift for what it was.
      Thanks for reading, and the follow πŸ˜‰

    • My parents were good for me, still am πŸ˜‰
      I’m lucky to have had them – it could have been so different…
      As for the rest – at the time I did not appreciate anything – only now that i realise the value of things πŸ˜‰

  3. a nice read this is. when you’re growing up, you begin to focus on the things you need, not the things you want. this reminds me of my childhood back then.

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