How NOT to pack.

As seen on one of South Africa’s major highways on Friday night.

There we were, merrily driving along at 12:30 on Friday night.

22 December, lots of people still leaving to go on holiday.

Many foreign nationals in SA use the December holiday period to send home their spoils. Home being Zimbabwe and Malawi and Mozambique. Those are the places you can relatively easily drive to in any case. Don’t want to know what a plane to Nigeria would look like πŸ˜‰

And we came across a few very heavily laden vehicles.

I took quite a few pictures, but not all was usable – not easy to take pics in the dark while in a moving car, but I did my best.

Here then, a lesson in how NOT to pack your trailer. In their defense though, they do use every available bit of space…

packing 1

packing 2

packing 3


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