A curse word?

There’s been a lot of talk about the emancipation of women. Lots of butch looking females screaming that they are every bit as good as men, deserve the same salaries, the same privileges, and on and on and on…

Good for them. I agree with them. If a woman is a director, she should be paid what her fellow directors are paid. If she’s a mechanic, she should be able to do the same things her male counterparts can do, and then, get the same money.

However. Women are not as strong as men physically. This I know for a fact. I’m a strong woman, but there are things I can’t do, be cause I’m not strong enough.

And I don’t shout emancipation. I just get on with my life, doing the things that men have traditionally done, without carrying on about it. Heavy lifting? Either get somebody to help me, or I make a plan – since I have the actual brains to do that. Can’t get the lid off a jar? Make a plan – hot water has been known to loosen a tight top – in more ways than one πŸ˜‰

The reason for this post today, is a man.

A young man.

And apparently, either completely useless, or just shit lazy.

One of the chicks had a box delivered. She’s pregnant, not allowed to do heavy lifting. I’m in reception, can’t leave my work station to go and deliver stuff to all and sundry – it’s their responsibility to see to it that their deliveries are picked up from reception. Knowing the chick is pregnant though, and not able to lift heavy things, I asked the young man in question if he would not maybe take the box to the back. Since, he’s a man.

And even in today’s emancipated world, I’ve known men to actually open doors and do the heavy lifting for females.

This young man just said no. And he always has a story about why he won’t do it.

And I was thinking.

Do you, as a male, not feel kind of useless when a woman has to do something that you could do easier? Does it not make you feel sort of less because you’re letting a woman, that really is frailer than you, pick up things or move things?

Or am I wrong in thinking about it like this?

I mean, women have been implying that they are indeed just as good as men, and as such, should be able to do the heavy lifting.

Which this particular woman does, quite often, and with not much difficulty.

Is that maybe why you don’t find decent men anymore? You don’t find dudes that does not curse in front of women, or that opens a door for you, pull out a chair, treat you with at least some kind of deference. They treat your body as a receptacle, never engaging the mind, never bothering to know the person behind the boobs – because, if you want to be treated like a man, you should be able to behave like one too.

Because females have insisted that they can do everything themselves. Why then should males have to bother doing things for females?

I’m likely old fashioned.

I know I can open a door for myself, and generally do. I enter my empty house every night on my own. I can do all these things. Don’t need a man to do them for me. When I am with a man though, I like him doing it for me. I love being treated like a frail, fragile, cherished woman. Love being in the company of a man stronger than me. Somebody that can at least make the effort of protecting me should the need arise. Not because I can’t, but because he wants to.

And that’s what I think many people don’t realise.

A man should not protect a woman because she can’t. He should protect her because he wants to.

Or pick up a heavy box πŸ˜‰



A man was out walking a dog, and a woman stopped to admire
the animal.

“What’s your dog’s name?” she asked.

“Herpes,” replied the dog’s owner.

“How….odd,” said the woman. “Why Herpes?”

“Because he won’t heel.”



28 comments on “Emancipation.

  1. I’m an old fashioned girl….
    I especially love it when a really ‘young man’ holds the door for me, or allows me some sort of sweet exchange just because I’m female and he feels like a real bloke doing a ‘manly’ thing…
    I can’t help but think it’s up to us woman to teach these things to our young males from day 1 however, so many women haven’t experienced this for themselves, they wouldn’t know ‘how’ to teach it… Then, of course, there are those males who feel that ‘deference’ to a woman belittles their masculinity.!
    Oh well, just another reality of life…!

    • My father was an infallible gentleman. The same with my dude. I never had to open a door or carry anything heavy, or even pay for anything.
      I taught my boys that too. Get up when a woman with a full tray enters the room, take it from her. Open the door, let the lady go in first. I have also seen little girls telling my son not to open the door for them – I took her to task. Told her that if he wants to, let him. Thank him for it. He’s not doing it because she can’t, he’s doing it because he wants to.
      And the man that treats me with deference to my sex, will be a man worth persuing – because he knows it does not emasculate him. Alas. I doubt that he exists in my time frame πŸ˜‰

      • That makes me smile…
        Oh, but would the world be a better place were all mothers capable of doing this for their sons… However, unless you’ve experienced this for yourself it would be almost impossible to know how.
        My father (unfortunately) was not an infallible gentleman. However, I was fortunate enough to have had a relationship in my teenage years with a young man (for 6 years) whose father was. I learned, not only from his father but also from him. He (the young man) knew how to behave in all situations and had learned (from both parents) the delicate and sensitive nature of the man/woman relationship.

      • You are right – one can not teach what one has not learnt first.
        Such a pity that good manners almost seems to be a thing of the past.
        Which makes me appreciate a gentleman that much more – I have a lot of time for a guy that does those little things.

  2. I could never imagine while growing up NOT EVER giving up my seat for a woman while riding the bus to school or work ….no matter how old or young she was. Or even an elderly gent, for that matter. My father would have given me hell if I merely sat there looking gormless, too…which he never had to, thank goodness!

    • To this day, I would gladly give up my seat for somebody older than me.
      And I taught my kids that too. Must say, I’m proud of their manners, even if I have to say so myself πŸ˜‰
      Then again, that’s how we were raised, so it’s natural that you would, hopefully, pass it on πŸ™‚

  3. “To this day, I would gladly give up my seat for somebody older than me.”
    I shall look out for you on the bus then, okay? LOL!

  4. I’m also an old fashioned girl, and enjoy experiencing good manners in a man. I think it’s all about how their mother brought them up, and also what type of man their father was.

    • I tried my best to negate what my kids’ father was with everything I learned from my father and grandfather – think I managed relatively well πŸ˜‰
      Hope you guys are still travelling safely AD!

  5. Ghia, sounds like you need to take a road trip & visit here πŸ˜‰ The men around here are maybe a bit uncultured, but they would NEVER act like the guy in your office. In fact, they help you even if you don’t ask & that’s OK by me πŸ™‚

  6. In fairness to the men, we’ve made it very confusing for them – time to take back the good and leave the rest behind. I delight in the courtesies we exchange with one another and I make it a point to praise the men who still take the risk of treating women well! And, the women who treat men well.

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