A good thing.

Well, that’s what they say.

Not so good for your back or your fingernails, or your arms and fingers and toes and legs…

That being said, today saw me and the garden dude do things that I’ve been thinking of for the past 3 months.

Still not completely done – have to find space for all of the yarn I now have all over the place, but the study is shaping up to be a place where I can eventually store all my hobby stuff, and actually know where everything is!!!

The old stove has been taken out of the lounge, and into the shed. The lounge now resembles an actual lounge instead of a packing crate 😉

Everything’s still not completele done though. Lots of stuff in the kid’s room that has to be carried back to the study until I can make a plan with them. Some stuff that has to go from the study to my room.

But I’ve made a start. and that’s all that really matters.

Now for a Fenjal scented bath, or maybe just a quick Radox scented shower so I can wash the hair as well. Or maybe the shower now, and the bath tonight with the Bandstand soothing my soul.

Suppose the kid’s going to flounce in, do his hair, scream about the full room, and flounce out again – it’s what he does…

Oh well. such is life. My back is telling me that it’s time to rest now, but my mind is telling me there’s more to do.

Better hop to it then.

Long days and pleasant nights…


15 comments on “Productivity.

  1. Heita, old lingo greeting hey, be happy nothing is ever done completely you will always find the impossible glaring at you – dissie lewe hehehehehe, – lekker naweek.

    • Ek’s nou omtrent pootuit!!!
      En ek het nie eers wasgoed gewas nie!!
      But hey, as you said – that’s life. Every day there’s something else that needs doing 😉
      Nice weekend for you too H 😉

  2. Sounds like you had a very productive day. Well done on the reorganisation. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a new kitchen. 😀 Hope the bath helped your aching back.

    • If only you knew about the plans brewing in my head for the kitchen AD!!!
      Alas, for now, I’ll make do with what I have – at least a change is as good as a holiday 😉
      The aching back feels a bit better now – hope a good night’s sleep will fix it right up 🙂
      Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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