And dusted.

Everything baked. Everything stuck together. First 2 kg’s already on their way to their destination. Will pack the rest over the weekend, ready for shipping off on Monday. Might make a few bucks – add something to each gift 😉

Listening to Besame Mucho again – it’s just the smoothest song!!!

So I decided to let you hear the Dean Martin version.

One day…


Good news for a change.

Contract is definitely extended until end of June, bar the paperwork. And I’m apparently worth an increase!! For the first time in my working life, I’ve been offered an increase, not because I asked for it, or because it was increase time, but because the manager thought I was worth the extra cash. Will go a long way in closing up even more holes. Might even be able to close up the great big black hole called a credit card!! The sooner the better. Hopefully end up with only the bond and running expenses.

I’ve learned how to live with less these past few months. If I can carry on living like that, I might just become more debt free than I currently am. Just worked out the budget – might be able to get the credit card off my back by end of June. And even put a dent in the loan.

Alas, should e tolling become a reality, a bike will have to be come one too. I can already see the chaos on the back roads once they implement their demonic plan to suck even more money from the backbone of the country. And I can’t see myself leaving for work at 6 am in the morning, and that’s what is likely to happen until everybody has gotten used to the idea of being milked even more by their useless government.


It’s been a long day, full of pleasant surprises and a whole lot of backbreaking work.

Time for bed.

Long days and pleasant nights to all…


17 comments on “Done.

  1. What great news! I’m so happy for you that the contract is extended and I’m sure you’ve really earned that increase. Well done to you. The biscuit making seems to have taken off in a big way. They must taste really good. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks AD 😉
      It was not expected at all, but so very welcome 😉
      As for the biscuits – apparently they do taste good. And they’re from my kitchen. A place that usually only gets used to make coffee in 😉

  2. Wonderful…. Glad to hear this; it does the heart good when someone sees your worth (and pays you for it)…! Well done…
    I do remember a past post where you mentioned the fact that (paraphrasing) you gave your employer a good return for their buck… Seems it’s been noticed.. 😉
    Good music video! Dean (the sultry man singer) would have been a great entertainer to have seen… Ah well, we still have his music..

    • That is just such a smooth song – love it!!!
      The contract and the extra bucks – brilliant!! I was super surprised – looks like here they don’t thank you, they pay you 😉
      Works for me 🙂
      I still have to find something more permanent though. And that might be a problem.

    • It was an unexpected turn of events, but so very welcome Esperanza 😉
      How I can go into the new year with a bit more resolve and maybe a spot less bother 🙂

  3. Was glad to hear that things are starting to fall into place and that there is anincrease on the way.
    I already use a bike to and from work to cut down on expenses. No way I can afford the tolls once they are implemented. But luckily the bike doesnt mind the back roads!

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