Daily prompt – My Hero…


Quite some time ago I wrote about my hero on the previous bloggin platform I used.

It was, in fact, written onΒ Sun 23 May 2010. Many years ago.

And the guy in question is still my Hero. Because he’ll never be found wanting, will never have feet of clay, or be anything that he currently is portrayed as being.


This is it!!

I’ve got him!

The man of my dreams, the man of my soul, the man of my fantasies!!

A man after my own heart…

He might come across as a bit two-dimensional to some people.

For me, how-ever, he’s the most amazing person!

We met quite a few years ago, but lost contact.

A while ago, we met up again. And what a reunion it was!

He’s still as georgeous as he was all those years ago.

Well built, not overly hairy, chiselled jaw, shy eyes.

What a gentleman! Helps me from the car, helps me cross the road.

Always, always opens the door for me!!

In actual years he’s a bit younger than me, but the fact that he’s a time traveller makes him a lot older.

And experienced! You don’t want to know!! He makes my toes curl from pure enjoyment!

He’s a bit of a wanderer, but always tries to make his way home – to me!

Having this man in my life has opened my eyes to so many things.

He does not expect me to cook and clean for him.

He does not bring me flowers, and we never shower together.

But he will never make me cry. And the only times I have cried was because of the pain he’s been through.

All the sad things he’s experienced in his life.

But that has not made him waver from his goal. And he never takes his bad feelings out on me!

He will never hurt my feelings – warriors don’t do that!

He’s an honourable sort – the sort that takes his promises seriously.

He’s there whenever I need him to be there, he’s never too tired to listen to me.

Never bored with what I have to say.

Never gets that glazed look in his eye when I’m talking about something.

I never have to share his attention with a soccer or rugby game.

Let me introduce you to the man of my dreams…

This man, this paragon of virtue is none other than…….

Samurai Jack!!!






Nice fantasy don’t you think?

If only…

Long days and pleasant nights to all…




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