And here we are…

…once again, Sunday.

The end of the weekend.

A wrong number call woke me this morning. Some random wanting to speak to Sello. Why on earth apologise for interrupting somebody’s day! Just put the phone down, why don’t you. I mean really!! Manners are just such expensive commodities!

An absolutely beautiful day here today. Perfect for a braai. That would be a BBQ to the rest of the world. Here everybody uses the word Braai. It evokes a certain feeling. Sunshine, blue skies, fire burning in the braai, meat sizzling, sending it’s lovely flavour way up into the sky, beer shandy in hand, tunes on the radio…

Braai even has a culture here in SA. Men around the fire, bragging about their conquests and fast cars, fast women, how fast they can make a fire. And the females clustered around the salads, nattering about babies and nappies and all manner of female stuff.

Suffice to say, it’s been a really long time since I’ve had a communal braai here at my house. For me, it’s usually a solitary affair. And, since I can actually make a fire, and braai my own meat, I’m thinking today would be a spectacular day to do it on 😉

Since the Porra is sending me pictures of the outdoor shower and the beach, of course with his infernal kids in the picture, and the pool at the place they’re staying, and my eldest is in Hermanus doing what they went there to do which is hopefully learn more sword thrusts and parries and whatevers, and I’m at home, the only way to get some kind of holiday feeling would be to light a braai, and tan a vleisie – meaning BBQ some meat 😉 Might even splurge on a beer and lemonade for a shandy 😉


Hope your day is as good as you allow it to be, it is only today one day at a time – might as well make the most of it!




18 comments on “And here we are…

    • Hell yes we are!!!
      Got it down to a fine art – and I’m not so sure you should put the two together. Aus & Sa has ever been rugby enemies – might just spill over into the braai arena 😉

    • I think a solitary braai is way better than a communal one Esperanza 😉
      I can make my meat the way I want it.
      And is there another way to eat braaivleis? some things should never be eaten with utensils 😉

    • Oh I did H 😉
      Had a beer shandy, the chops were done to perfection – even if I have to say so myself 😉
      Quite a lovely little solitary braai I had today 🙂

  1. People who put the phone down like that are almost invariably either cowards or mannerless louts, or both. On the other hand, I have had some delightful short chats with people who got me as a wrong number, apologised, and responded to my appreciation of their act in having done so.

    • Not to worry Tess. I had just taken everything in to try and eat in peace, without animals watching every morsel, when the sky turned grey and low – had a good rainstorm yesterday afternoon 😉

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