Music passion…

Dolly’s music passion for the month of December is, very appropriately, Christmas.

In south Africa we have a radio station called Radio 5. And they have a DJ by the name of DJ Fresh on every weekday afternoon between 4 and 7 I think. Now this dude, other than the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard, has a “Cheese of the day” every day.

And that’s what I though of when I looked for my Christmas song for the music passion.

It’s super cheesy. And my favourite modern Christmas song 😉

But I have a few lovely ones from the old days as well. Christmas would just not be Christmas without the mellifluous voices of Bing Crosby or Frank Sinatra or anybody from that era.

I’ve chosen two songs for my music passion.

Here’s the cheese…


And here’s the oldies…


I had a hard time choosing the oldie – there are so many brilliant songs, all sounding like everything is going to be OK, as long as it’s Christmas. Such a hard time that I think I’m going to include this one as well – it has a good message – one we would all do well to remember…


And then, because I’m South African, and an Afrikaner to boot, and we have hot lovely summer weather over Christmas, with green trees and fresh flowers and the blue African sky above us and the rich, fertile soil of Africa below us, and God’s every blessing in between, I’m adding a Christmas song in my language, written by my people, for my people. I do hope you enjoy the tune, even if you can’t understand the words. I have translated them to the best of my ability, just so you know what’s being sung. sort of. It loses a lot in translation.

LIRIEK: Koos du Plessis

welkom o stille nag van vrede                             Welcome oh Silent night of peace
onder die suiderkruis                                              Under the Southern Cross
wyl stemme uit die ou verlede                            While voices from the past
oor sterrevelde ruis                                                 Rushes across fields of stars

kersfees kom, kersfees kom                                   Christmas comes, Christmas comes
gee aan God die eer                                                   To G-d the honour
skenk ‘n helder somerkersfees                             Gift us with a bright Summer’s Christmas
aan hierdie land o Heer                                          in this country Lord

hoor jy hoe sag die klokke beier                         Hear the bells softly ringing
in eeue oue taal                                                         in their ancient language
kyk, selfs die nagtelike swye                                Even the night’s silence
vertel die ou verhaal                                               Tells the old tale

voel jy ook nou sy warm liefde                            Do you feel His warm love
as ons die dag gedenk                                              As you celebrate the day
toe Hy sy Seun aan ons gestuur het                   when He sent His son to us?
ons grootste kersgeskenk                                       Our biggest Christmas gift.

I know I’ve chosen too many songs. Alas, Christmas is not a time for only choosing one 😉

I hope you enjoy my selection as much as I did putting it together.

21 comments on “Music passion…

      • I guess I’m more fortunate; the only family I have around me are ones I love enormously… This wasn’t always the case though, so I appreciate what you are saying.. Ug.!

      • You are indeed fortunate if there are no squabbles on your Christmas day.
        Much as I love my family, what with the kids and her unresponsive husband – it’s a bit of a schlepp.
        Oh well, I suppose even that is part of Christmas – not a nice part, but a part nonetheless 😉

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  2. Haven’t heard Last Christmas for ages. Love all your tunes. Lovely to listen to this time of year although, to tell the truth, I cannot believe it’s already HERE. How did it all sneak up on me? Haven’t even THOUGHT about Christmas Shopping–the thing I least like about the season. If it wasn’t for the grandkids…bah humbug!

    • I like everything about Christmas. Not the shopping so much, but the planning.
      The day is usually a bit of an anti climax, but I suppose even that is part of Christmas 😉

    • I do hope I caught the essence of that song with my translation – everybody should be able to see just what a nice song it is 😉
      Thanks B 🙂

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