Was not as much of a trainsmash as Monday, but close!

Yesterday found me in traffic when I was supposed to be at work already. Took me 90 minutes to get to work. I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. Leave at 6:30 in the morning and be at work by 7am? Is it really too much to ask of the powers that be to make sure that traffic flows in the morning? As it is, today, they had 1 chick directing traffic. At a working robot. And 3 more standing around watching her. When, just up the road from the working robot, there’s a stop street with the most horrible congestion ever! Now, it might just be me, but I would suggest they have a traffic officer in the place where it’s most needed. That way they can stop taxi’s from barging ahead of people that’s been standing in the line of cars for the past 20 minutes, just trying to get to work, and having to deal with these asswipes that has absolutely no regard for rules or their fellow road users!!!

Last night, I stayed at work late to start sorting out the store room. Any amount of crap was just lying all over the place. One shelf broke, and the spillage was just left like that. How on earth are you supposed to know what you have and what you need if you can’t even walk in to the room in question? The fact that Marketing also dumps their stuff in there does not help. Marketing not being a particularly tidy or methodical kind of job, being done by people that loves life to the fullest, but never bothers to keep things tidy. Trying to get rid of their crap is going to take some doing, since their 2 store rooms are filled to overflowing, with no reason or order to it. It’s not even organised chaos, just chaos. And that is an insult to my methodical mind. Everything has a place and every place has a thing – that’s how I like things.

I will sort out the admin store room. I will pack all the files in boxes. I will change it into a workable, usable room. And then, I will keep the key. And guard it like a dragon. That’s to say, if they keep me on working here. If not, I’ll fix it up, but then I won’t really be bothered with it. After all, if they prefer living in chaos, far be it from me to stop that from happening.

And then.

Yesterday, just before 4, I transferred a call to the one dude in the call centre. He ignores it. I put the call through again, and this time I tell him that it’s HIS phone ringing and that he should answer it. Since the person holding on the line has been trying to get hold of him for at least 15 minutes. What does the call centre guy do? Does he answer the phone? Nope, he does not. He gestures at his watch, tells me it’s home time, promptly packs up his stuff and walks out the door!!! I actually asked him, “Are you for real?” I was completely stunned!!! Since when do you do that? How can you be in customer service and not give your customers any service? Do these people not realise that if a customer does not get service, there are many other places he can go to? And, once the customer leaves, the company makes less money, and that affects jobs…

But that seems to be the mentality these days. And not only in Africans. In Europeans too. It seems that people think Employers owe them something other than a salary at the end of the month. Employers owe you nothing – just get this straight. If you don’t perform, you’re out. If the company does not perform, you’re out. I’m not saying be loyal to the death, but if you look after the company, it should look after you, even if only in paying you a salary. And getting a salary is after all your main reason for working. The salary that pays for Eskom’s increases over the next 5 years. That pays for all the petrol hikes. For expensive food, airtime, cellphones…

The Porra came to my work yesterday – over lunch, so no problem there, and he brought me my gift – most divine looking watch and matching bangle, with a necklace and a pendant – really quite lovely. And of course I got more of that Starbucks micro ground coffee – gorgeous! Poor guy. He’s not a bad man, just a lost man. Think they all are that for a while. A human trait, not wanting others too close, but still needing some kind of human contact, without the emotional entanglements. Thankfully I’ve reached the stage where I’m well aware of my worth. And that I don’t need a man by my side in order to be a complete human being. Sure, it will be nice, but I’m not prepared to be a doormat just so I have a dude in the general vicinity of my life.

And that is the reason why, last night, I sat at my lovely, old dining room table, with my book open in front of me, coke float to the side, smokes and ashtray. No radio, no computer, no noise other than the night waking around me. Night birds, and little crickets, frogs, all creating a soothing symphony. I was content, I was fed, and thought then I could face life again.

Of course that changed – it always does – external factors seems to be on the warpath regarding me and my livelihood.

All this happened in one day. Which is the reason I did not even unpack my laptop last night or this morning. I was too tired. Had a shower, and went to bed. And even though I was not tired this morning, I could not be bothered to.

As one guy said – he’s soo over this year. Time for it to just get to an end.

Then again, it will just start all over again. Every day a struggle to make ends meet. Every month a petrol price increase. Every year an electricity increase. More expensive food, travel, entertainment. More strikes and deaths and needless killing of people. More potholes and damaged infrastructure, less reason and sanity in government.

Such a fun time to be alive in this cesspool we call a country…


18 comments on “Tuesday…

    • You’re right 0 thinking about the idiots in government being re elected just brings no joy.
      I’m sure we will prevail though – onwards we forge!!!

    • Yes well, he missed something.
      But it was my attachments, not me…
      As for SA. It can be such a beautiful place, it IS such a beautiful place, but the government seems dead set on making it a place where no sane person can live.

  1. A sense of entitlement—that’s what bad employees have. You are so right about employers not owing anything to employees. If only every employee think like you, every company would have a future. 🙂

    Your last paragraph made me think about my homeland.

    • Alas Grace – not many people think like I do anymore. People with actual work ethic seems to be the exception rather than the rule these days.
      As for the country, I suppose it will limp along like all other third world countries, and then spontaneously combust.

  2. 68ghia, I’v alsways maintained that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but have been cursed since time immemorial with the worst politicians in the world too. Can’t have it all, I suppose…

    • We can. Get rid of every single politician. Kill the lot.
      Get only registered judges and taxpayers to run things like a business.
      And we do live in quite a beautiful land – saw it again on Saturday on the way to Bronkhorstspruit. Just gorgeous!

    • I wish people would stop thinking that anybody owes you anything.
      I certainly don’t, the world does not, neither does employers. Just get on with it as best you can…

    • I don’t want o own my company because I know I’ll be a crappy boss. Exactly because my employees will know that I don’t owe them a thing other than their salary at the end of the month. Knowing myself, I’ll remind them of that often 😉

  3. I’ve always been one of those who gave more than my fair share to my employer. It’s ‘in my blood’, I can’t help it. I couldn’t be a ‘slouch’ if I tried, my conscience couldn’t take it… I think that’s the answer really: You either have a sense of fair play or you haven’t…. I know what side of that coin I prefer…! 🙂

    • I would rather work, and know I deserved my salary than sit around doing nothing.
      I’ve had a job like that before, and it drove me mad!!!
      Then again, there are many people that does not have an issue with that – as long as I don’t join them.

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